2017-04-26 Andrew WatermanAdd abort() for benefit of benchmark code
2017-04-15 Andrew WatermanFix illegal-instruction test when S-mode is not implemented
2017-04-11 Andrew WatermanImprove fp ldst/move tests; remove redundant fsgnj...
2017-04-08 Andrew WatermanRetrofit rv64mi-p-illegal to test vectored interrupts
2017-04-07 Andrew WatermanRemove defunct IPI tests
2017-04-06 Andrew WatermanMake ma_addr test work for systems with misaligned...
2017-03-30 Andrew WatermanExpand dirty-bit test to test MPRV and SUM
2017-03-30 Andrew WatermanNew PMP encoding
2017-03-30 Palmer DabbeltProhibit relaxing the initial gp generation
2017-03-30 Palmer DabbeltChange the global pointer symbol to __global_pointer$
2017-03-27 Andrew WatermanSeparate page faults from physical memory access exceptions
2017-03-25 Andrew WatermanFix FPU initialization code
2017-03-24 Andrew WatermanLike tests, pass the benchmarks if XLEN disagrees
2017-03-23 Andrew Watermanbump env
2017-03-23 Andrew WatermanAdd PMP test
2017-03-22 Andrew WatermanClean up benchmarks build
2017-03-22 Andrew WatermanClean up bmarks build
2017-03-22 Andrew WatermanRemove smips/host-debugging cruft
2017-03-21 Andrew WatermanAllow supervisor access to user pages in dirty-bit...
2017-03-21 Andrew WatermanAvoid x3 (gp), which is now TESTNUM
2017-03-13 Andrew WatermanTest mstatus.TW, mstatus.TVM, and mstatus.TSR features
2017-03-09 Andrew WatermanDon't link ISA tests against libc
2017-03-09 Andrew WatermanPermit flexible dirty-bit behavior
2017-03-09 Andrew WatermanCheck mbadaddr in ma_addr test
2017-02-17 Tim NewsomeAdd HiFive1 target.
2017-02-02 Andrew WatermanUse NaN macros
2017-02-02 Andrew WatermanTest FMIN/FMAX NaN behavior
2017-02-01 Andrew WatermanTest qNaN and sNaN inputs to FP comparisons
2017-01-21 Andrew WatermanUse correct macro to guard floating-point initialization
2017-01-21 Andrew WatermanFix build with glibc
2017-01-04 Andrew WatermanSpecify Spike ISA explicitly
2017-01-04 Andrew WatermanRemove Hwacha macros
2017-01-04 Andrew WatermanMask off large constants for RV32
2017-01-04 Andrew Waterman"make clean" shouldn't fail if "make" wasn't first run
2017-01-02 Tim NewsomeIncrease delay in UserInterrupt.
2016-12-27 Tim NewsomeUse compressed code if the target supports it.
2016-12-27 Tim NewsomeClean up .pyc files.
2016-12-13 Tim NewsomeFix WriteCsrs test.
2016-12-13 Andrew WatermanPass newly updated -march, -mabi options to gcc
2016-12-13 Tim NewsomeMerge pull request #38 from richardxia/disable_tcl_and_...
2016-12-12 Richard XiaDisable tcl and telnet servers when running OpenOCD...
2016-12-09 Tim NewsomeAdd test of compare-sections command.
2016-12-08 Tim NewsomeUse XLEN macro for these sources as well.
2016-12-08 Tim NewsomeUse our own XLEN macro.
2016-12-08 Tim NewsomeWe *do* need the FPU to compile 64-bit code.
2016-12-08 Tim NewsomePut env back where it was.
2016-12-08 Tim NewsomeDon't compile with FPU support for now.
2016-12-08 Tim NewsomeNicely display compile failures.
2016-12-08 Tim NewsomeDon't eat compile errors.
2016-12-08 Tim NewsomeFix race when finding the port OpenOCD is using.
2016-12-07 Andrew Watermanavoid non-standard predefined macros
2016-11-21 Andrew WatermanRemove cache miss test from all but one AMO test
2016-11-15 Andrew WatermanAttempt to work around hard-float linking problem
2016-11-11 Tim NewsomeMerge pull request #35 from richardxia/have-openocd...
2016-11-10 Richard XiaDecrease sleep time to 0.1s.
2016-11-04 Richard XiaTell OpenOCD to pick an unused port, and use lsof to...
2016-11-01 Andrew WatermanMake sure FP stores don't write memory if mstatus.FS=0.
2016-10-31 Tim NewsomeAdd basic floating point register test.
2016-10-21 Tim NewsomeImprove reg test a little.
2016-10-20 Tim NewsomeTest OpenOCD step and resume.
2016-10-19 Tim NewsomeFix conflict: JTAG VPI changes vs openocd refactor
2016-10-19 Tim NewsomeActually test something in regs test.
2016-10-19 Tim NewsomeMerge pull request #34 from richardxia/use-port-randomi...
2016-10-18 Richard XiaPull port number from VCS output and pass to OpenOCD.
2016-10-18 Tim NewsomeAdd framework to test OpenOCD directly.
2016-10-18 Richard XiaRandomize gdb port.
2016-10-14 Tim NewsomeWait for OpenOCD to start fully before connecting.
2016-10-13 Tim NewsomeAdd MemTestWriteInvalid.
2016-10-10 Andrew WatermanAlign FP data sections
2016-10-03 Tim NewsomeAdd test for memory read from invalid address.
2016-09-30 Tim NewsomeTolerate remotes that return memory read errors.
2016-09-29 Tim NewsomeUpdate dmode test to match spec.
2016-09-29 Tim NewsomeClear triggers during entry.
2016-09-28 Tim NewsomeDisable TriggerDmode while spike is changed.
2016-09-21 Tim NewsomeMove debug testing from all into debug-check target.
2016-09-20 Tim NewsomeMinor tweaks to trigger tests for openocd.
2016-09-15 Tim NewsomeRewrite debug testing.
2016-09-07 Andrew WatermanAdd rv32uf tests
2016-09-02 Andrew WatermanMake RVC test fit in 16 KiB
2016-09-02 Tim NewsomeFix/add to instant trigger tests.
2016-09-02 Tim NewsomeLimit spike RAM so I can run valgrind on it.
2016-09-01 Tim NewsomeAdd some immediate trigger tests.
2016-09-01 Tim NewsomeCreate TriggerTest.
2016-09-01 Tim NewsomeAdd test for address triggers.
2016-09-01 Tim NewsomeRemove "import ." notation.
2016-09-01 Tim NewsomeAdd .pyc to .gitignore.
2016-08-31 Brett CannonChange accidental use of SLTIU in SLTI tests (#26)
2016-08-30 Andrew WatermanShare code between rv32ui and rv64ui tests
2016-08-30 Andrew WatermanAdd missing RV32 slt[i]u tests
2016-08-29 Andrew WatermanOn RV32, zero-extend pointers for HTIF
2016-08-29 Andrew WatermanDon't explicitly use atomics in rsort
2016-08-27 Andrew WatermanUpdate to new breakpoint & counter spec
2016-08-23 Tim NewsomeMerge pull request #24 from richardxia/declare-dependencies
2016-08-23 Richard XiaUse a version range.
2016-08-23 Richard XiaAdd requirements.txt and reorder imports by type.
2016-08-23 Tim NewsomeUse env shebang so for virtualenv compatibility.
2016-08-17 Andrew WatermanImprove AMO tests
2016-08-16 Tim NewsomeFix missing setup in test_turbostep.
2016-08-16 Tim NewsomeSimplify test_function_call.
2016-08-16 Andrew Watermanbump env