Bug fix: arbLost should be asserted when bitState =/= s_bit_idle (#49)
[sifive-blocks.git] / src / main / scala / devices / i2c / I2C.scala
2018-02-23 solomatnikovBug fix: arbLost should be asserted when bitState ...
2018-02-23 solomatnikovMerge pull request #48 from sifive/i2c_int
2018-02-23 Alex SolomatnikovDo not allow status read if status.transferInProgress... i2c_int
2018-02-17 Megan Wachsi2c: Allow irq to be cleared
2017-09-27 Wesley W. Terpstradiplomacy: update to new API (#40)
2017-07-25 Yunsup LeeMerge pull request #27 from sifive/typed_pad_ctrl
2017-07-25 Megan WachsMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into typed...
2017-07-24 Megan WachsMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into typed...
2017-07-19 Megan WachsMake it possible to adjust the type of pad controls...
2017-07-07 Henry CookRefactor package hierarchy. (#25)
2017-04-25 Henry StylesMerge pull request #9 from sifive/vc707_mig_analog_inout
2017-04-25 solomatnikovAdded stall for read after write (#8)
2017-03-10 Megan WachsMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into debug...
2017-03-03 Wesley W. TerpstraMerge pull request #4 from sifive/periphery-keys
2017-03-03 Wesley W. Terpstradevices: include DTS meta-data
2017-03-03 Wesley W. Terpstradevices: create periphery keys for all devices
2017-02-10 solomatnikovMerge pull request #1 from sifive/i2c
2017-02-10 Alex SolomatnikovMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into i2c i2c
2017-02-09 Alex SolomatnikovFlipped polarity of output enables to match Guava pins...
2017-02-08 Alex SolomatnikovAdded note: WISHBONE interface replaced by Tilelink2
2017-02-07 Alex SolomatnikovAdded license
2017-02-04 Alex SolomatnikovAddressing comments: bool style, comments, removed...
2017-02-04 Alex SolomatnikovBug fixes: passing OC WB test
2017-02-01 Alex SolomatnikovCompleted Chisel RTL (not tested yet)
2017-01-24 Alex SolomatnikovInitial (compilable) version of I2C (no actual logic...