add SVP64PowerDecoder, extracts svp64 remap if correctly identified
[soc.git] / Makefile
2020-11-10 Luke Kenneth Casso... add build commands to Makefile for versa ecp5
2020-10-21 Cole Poirierversa_ecp5 adds ability to build and load for ulx3s85f...
2020-10-14 Cole PoirierMakefile develop, when running develop specify...
2020-10-02 Luke Kenneth Casso... add pinmux generator to create litex pinmap
2020-08-14 Jacob Lifshayrunning the simulator works!
2020-08-13 Jacob Lifshayadd --cpu=libresoc to Makefile
2020-08-12 Jacob Lifshayadd run_sim to Makefile
2020-07-02 Luke Kenneth Casso... add sphinx doc preliminary start
2020-06-06 Luke Kenneth Casso... add python3 env-var if not set in Makefile
2020-05-06 Jacob Lifshayupdate Makefile to include required build steps
2019-05-07 Luke Kenneth Casso... add Makefile,, blank README and NEWS