looked in soc.vhdl in microwatt and the parameters are 64 cache
[soc.git] / nix /
2021-10-08 Luke Kenneth Casso... Merge branch 'pr' from nix-soc
2021-10-06 Las Safinflake.nix: Clean up
2021-10-05 Las Safinecp5-program: Delete garbage
2021-09-26 Las SafinAdd script for loading Libre-SOC onto Versa ECP5 board!
2021-09-25 Las SafinMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into pr
2021-09-25 Las SafinFix building for a Versa ECP5
2021-09-24 Las SafinAttempt to build for versa ecp5
2021-09-19 Las SafinUse LiteX from 2020-08-22
2021-09-19 Las SafinAdd ppc64le cross compiler
2021-09-19 Las SafinLitex work
2021-09-18 Las SafinLitex work
2021-09-16 Las SafinSplit up into several derivations
2021-09-16 Las Safinwip
2021-09-15 Las SafinInclude Litex dependency
2021-09-15 Las SafinWIP
2021-09-13 Las SafinFix nmigen dependencies
2021-09-13 Las SafinGet pinmux working
2021-09-12 Las SafinFix c4m-jtag
2021-09-12 Las SafinPackage c4m-jtag
2021-09-12 Las SafinFix openpower-isa
2021-09-11 Las SafinGet build starting
2021-09-11 Las SafinPackage dependencies successfully
2021-09-11 Las SafinPython dependencies
2021-09-11 Las Safinwip