add OP_SC
[soc.git] / src / soc / decoder /
2020-07-01 Luke Kenneth Casso... add OP_SC
2020-06-17 Luke Kenneth Casso... getting sim instruction decoder to reproduce asm instru...
2020-06-17 Luke Kenneth Casso... add comment/assembly decode in power enums
2020-06-09 Luke Kenneth Casso... map LDST len directly, rather than go through a switch...
2020-06-01 Luke Kenneth Casso... allow ALU / Logical ops to select RS as 1st operand
2020-06-01 Luke Kenneth Casso... allow M*-Form shiftrot to swap RS/RB back to consistent...
2020-06-01 Luke Kenneth Casso... decode SPRs for branch
2020-05-27 Luke Kenneth Casso... make power function unit enum bitmasked
2020-05-25 Luke Kenneth Casso... add INT, SPR and CR regfiles
2020-05-24 Luke Kenneth Casso... add MFMSR and MTMSRD enums to Function
2020-05-21 Michael NolanConvert CR out to enum in power_decoder
2020-05-21 Michael NolanConvert CR In field to enum instead of single bit
2020-05-20 Luke Kenneth Casso... add DIV and MUL to POWER Function enum
2020-05-19 Luke Kenneth Casso... add OP_RFID to enums
2020-05-19 Michael NolanChange OP_TWI/TDI/TW/TD to OP_TRAP
2020-05-19 Luke Kenneth Casso... add TRAP FunctionUnit type
2020-05-15 Michael NolanMake opcode for crand and friends
2020-05-15 Michael NolanAdd CR function unit
2020-05-15 Michael NolanAdd rudimentary branch unit test bench
2020-05-14 Luke Kenneth Casso... add logical pipeline to Power decode Function enum
2020-05-13 Michael NolanAdd SHIFT_ROT FU
2020-05-07 Michael NolanGet test_cmp working
2020-05-06 Michael NolanAdd dict of spr properties to power_enums
2020-05-06 Michael NolanImplement bctr and mtspr
2020-05-04 Yehowshua ImmanuelRemove request since no longer https fetches from wiki
2020-05-02 Michael NolanRead decoder tables from wiki submodule instead of web
2020-04-05 Jacob Lifshayuse fields.txt as the local file name and add to gitignore
2020-03-18 Michael NolanFix bug where enum values weren't getting set to int
2020-03-18 Luke Kenneth Casso... done,
2020-03-18 Michael NolanCreate SPR enum from sprs.csv
2020-03-18 Luke Kenneth Casso... add comment about SPRs CSV
2020-03-18 Luke Kenneth Casso... add comments
2020-03-09 Michael NolanFix test
2020-03-09 Luke Kenneth Casso... move all source directories to soc so that "import...