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[soc.git] / src / soc / decoder / power_fieldsn.py
2020-10-05 Jacob Lifshay`deepcopy` from cache instead of recreating parsers...
2020-07-10 Jacob Lifshayswitch to using Signal.width instead of Signal.shape...
2020-07-10 Jacob Lifshayformat file
2020-03-29 Michael NolanFix issue 271, remove unneeded fields in power_fieldsn.py
2020-03-20 Michael NolanDelete log messages in power_fields and power_fieldsn
2020-03-19 Luke Kenneth Casso... fix silly errors in power_fieldsn.py
2020-03-19 Luke Kenneth Casso... invert bits of field in decoder (not instruction bits)
2020-03-18 Luke Kenneth Casso... use function which reverses bit-order
2020-03-18 Luke Kenneth Casso... comment reverse-order of bit-fields
2020-03-09 Michael NolanMigrate imports to use absolute imports
2020-03-09 Luke Kenneth Casso... move all source directories to soc so that "import...