Add test for cmpeqb
[soc.git] / src / soc / decoder /
2020-05-15 Michael NolanAdd test for cmpeqb
2020-05-15 Michael NolanAdd test for prtyw pseudocode
2020-05-09 Michael NolanAdd reversed add and subtract, as well as lshift and...
2020-05-07 Michael NolanMake FieldSelectableInt accept slices for set and get
2020-05-07 Michael NolanFix bug with comparisons in
2020-05-07 Michael NolanAdd test_mfcr
2020-05-06 Michael NolanAdd helper functions to replace direct comparison in...
2020-05-06 Michael NolanImplement bctr and mtspr
2020-05-06 Michael NolanSorta kinda working bl and blr - need to properly imple...
2020-04-17 Jacob LifshayMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2020-04-07 Luke Kenneth Casso... try making CR bitrange 32..63 not 0..31
2020-04-07 Luke Kenneth Casso... add in special regs to be passed out of function (as...
2020-04-07 Luke Kenneth Casso... whoops off-by-one in slice ranges
2020-04-07 Luke Kenneth Casso... comment not to do bit-inversion here
2020-04-07 Luke Kenneth Casso... add setitem/getitem to FieldSelectableInt, and mod...
2020-04-07 Luke Kenneth Casso... allow FieldSelectableInt to initialise from list or...
2020-04-07 Luke Kenneth Casso... add FieldSelectableInt which allows re-targetting of...
2020-04-05 Luke Kenneth Casso... fix repr (0x prefix) and add repr test for selectable int
2020-04-05 Michael NolanFix addi instruction, think a commit got lost
2020-04-05 Luke Kenneth Casso... add selectconcat test
2020-04-04 Luke Kenneth Casso... check that SelectableInt has been extended to 256 bits
2020-04-04 Luke Kenneth Casso... allow int in addition and subtraction
2020-04-04 Luke Kenneth Casso... identify [0]*16 pattern and produce repeat-of-int
2020-04-04 Luke Kenneth Casso... add modulo to parser (and div to SelectableInt)
2020-04-03 Luke Kenneth Casso... add __bool__ override to selectable_int
2020-04-03 Luke Kenneth Casso... add bit-wise OR and AND
2020-04-03 Luke Kenneth Casso... add less-than, greater-than, signed, and le/ge
2020-04-03 Luke Kenneth Casso... off-by-one in SelectableInt slices
2020-04-02 Luke Kenneth Casso... add in ability to concat ints
2020-04-02 Luke Kenneth Casso... success using SelectableInt in cnttzd test
2020-04-01 Michael NolanAdd many more operators to selectable_int
2020-04-01 Michael Nolanselectable_int now in power ordering, add setitem
2020-04-01 Michael NolanAdd rudimentary int class with bit index