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[soc.git] / src / soc / decoder / test /
2020-12-13 Cesar StraussAllow more test cases to be run with CXXSim
2020-09-27 Cesar StraussConvert yet another few tests to be able to use latest...
2020-07-22 Jacob LifshayMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2020-07-22 Jacob Lifshayformat code
2020-07-12 Luke Kenneth Casso... rename InternalOp to MicrOp
2020-06-04 Luke Kenneth Casso... use copy of FHDLTestCase
2020-05-21 Michael NolanAdd third cr register select field to decoder
2020-05-21 Michael NolanAdd cr output decoder to power_decoder2.py
2020-05-21 Michael NolanAdd CR In decoder to power_decoder2.py
2020-05-21 Michael NolanConvert CR out to enum in power_decoder
2020-05-21 Michael NolanConvert CR In field to enum instead of single bit
2020-04-17 Jacob Lifshayfix tests
2020-04-01 Michael NolanFix bug in test_decoder_gas
2020-03-30 Michael NolanFix bug in GAS test where it would load and update...
2020-03-30 Michael NolanFix tests broken by df295b5
2020-03-24 Luke Kenneth Casso... whitespace cleanup
2020-03-23 Michael NolanProperly sign extend immediates
2020-03-23 Michael NolanFix broken test
2020-03-23 Michael NolanMove gnu assembler interface to separate file
2020-03-21 Luke Kenneth Casso... whoops cut/paste error
2020-03-21 Luke Kenneth Casso... shorten variables, add comments
2020-03-21 Luke Kenneth Casso... add option to switch endianness on gnu as
2020-03-20 Michael NolanMinor cleanup
2020-03-20 Michael NolanAdd test for branch to lr/ctr
2020-03-20 Michael NolanAdd tests for branch instructions
2020-03-20 Michael NolanAdd test for rotate/shift instructions
2020-03-20 Michael NolanRemove unneeded condition register decoder
2020-03-19 Michael NolanAdd test for cmp with register
2020-03-19 Michael NolanAdd tests for load/store with immediate offset
2020-03-19 Michael NolanAdd ld and st instructions to the reg/reg test
2020-03-19 Michael NolanAdd checks for the decoding of RC (the . in some instru...
2020-03-19 Michael NolanAdd tests for register+immediate ops
2020-03-19 Michael NolanFactor out instruction generation and testing from...
2020-03-19 Michael NolanCleanup test_decoder_gas.py
2020-03-19 Michael NolanAdd assertions for input registers
2020-03-19 Luke Kenneth Casso... fix silly errors in power_fieldsn.py
2020-03-18 Michael NolanBegin adding a test using GNU AS
2020-03-18 Luke Kenneth Casso... import absolute paths
2020-03-09 Michael NolanFix test
2020-03-09 Luke Kenneth Casso... add __init__.py files to decoder
2020-03-09 Luke Kenneth Casso... move all source directories to soc so that "import...