Remove left-over comments.
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2020-12-29 Cesar StraussRemove left-over comments.
2020-12-06 Cesar StraussUpdate GTKWave documents to work with latest cxxsim
2020-10-31 Cesar StraussRemove stray comment
2020-09-24 Cesar StraussFix whitespace, remove unused imports
2020-09-24 Luke Kenneth Casso... brackets round imports looks cleaner?
2020-09-24 Cesar StraussUse nmutil simulator module to simplify choosing among...
2020-09-22 Cesar StraussPort soc.experiment.alu_fsm to the new way of invoking...
2020-09-19 Cesar StraussRemove demonstration code
2020-08-29 Cesar StraussMove new write_gtkw and its example to nmutil
2020-08-24 Cole PoirierMerge branch 'master' of
2020-08-23 Cesar StraussAllow an empty style, and passing default styles as...
2020-08-23 Cesar StraussAdd comment node type
2020-08-23 Cesar StraussAdd base and display styles
2020-08-23 Cesar StraussApply style from node own name
2020-08-23 Cesar StraussAdd color style
2020-08-23 Cesar StraussCollect styles from the tuple
2020-08-23 Cesar StraussPropagate the root style to all signals
2020-08-22 Cesar StraussMove comments to the docstring
2020-08-22 Cesar StraussWalk the DOM and emit the trace names
2020-08-22 Cesar StraussFirst draft of a mini-language to describe GTKWave...
2020-08-15 Cesar StraussDemonstrates string traces
2020-08-15 Cesar StraussDemonstrates adding extra debug signals traces to the...
2020-08-15 Cesar StraussDemonstrates creating stylish GTKWave "save" files...
2020-07-20 Cesar StraussDocument the move of sdir from data_i to op.
2020-07-20 Cesar StraussRemove extra yield from test case.
2020-07-19 Luke Kenneth Casso... fix bug in found by cxxsim: missing one...
2020-07-19 Luke Kenneth Casso... move sdir to CompFSMOpSubset in alu_fsm example
2020-07-19 Luke Kenneth Casso... add CompFSMOpSubset, also change dir to sdir
2020-07-19 Luke Kenneth Casso... use iocontrol PrevControl / NextControl instead of...
2020-07-19 Cesar StraussImplement control path and unit test.
2020-07-18 Cesar StraussImplement the Shifter data path
2020-07-18 Cesar StraussDocument move of the next port data
2020-07-09 Luke Kenneth Casso... munge alu_fsm Shifter into looking like CompALU API...
2020-07-09 Cesar StraussDefine ports for a simple sequential Shifter
2020-07-08 Cesar StraussStart the FSM-based ALU example.