replace PartitionedSignal with SimdSignal
[soc.git] / src / soc / fu / trap / formal /
2021-04-23 Luke Kenneth Casso... more openpower-isa conversion
2021-04-23 Luke Kenneth Casso... move over to from openpower imports
2020-12-13 Cesar StraussIgnore formal verification output in the source directory
2020-08-04 Samuel A. Falvo IIRemove XXX; this seems done otherwise.
2020-07-29 Jacob Lifshayadd to all source directories
2020-07-28 Luke Kenneth Casso... tidyup/comments in trap proof
2020-07-27 Luke Kenneth Casso... fix trap proof, and trap main_stage, and pseudocode...
2020-07-27 Luke Kenneth Casso... shorten expected_ to exp_, gets line-length down
2020-07-26 Samuel A. Falvo IIMTMSR(D) properties.
2020-07-25 Luke Kenneth Casso... make trap proof section more readable
2020-07-24 Samuel A. Falvo IIProperties for MFMSR
2020-07-24 Samuel A. Falvo IIReorganize code layout
2020-07-24 Samuel A. Falvo IIWIP: SC properties more closely match doc'd behavior
2020-07-24 Samuel A. Falvo IIWIP: addressing code review, restoring proofs, etc.
2020-07-24 Luke Kenneth Casso... code review comments for trap and proof
2020-07-24 Samuel A. Falvo IIRefactorin of common code
2020-07-24 Samuel A. Falvo IIAddress code review comments
2020-07-22 Luke Kenneth Casso... whoops forgot field accessor
2020-07-22 Luke Kenneth Casso... whoops typo, 63-start not 3-start (doh)
2020-07-22 Luke Kenneth Casso... field number ordering wrong way round?
2020-07-22 Luke Kenneth Casso... syntax error
2020-07-22 Luke Kenneth Casso... add comment headings with spec page numbers
2020-07-22 Luke Kenneth Casso... comment on op.insn ordering
2020-07-22 Luke Kenneth Casso... code-shuffle, add comments
2020-07-22 Luke Kenneth Casso... inline comments in trap proof
2020-07-22 Samuel A. Falvo IIComplete FV properties for OP_TRAP instructions.
2020-07-22 Samuel A. Falvo IIPEP8 compliance
2020-07-21 Samuel A. Falvo IICompleted SC FV properties
2020-07-21 Samuel A. Falvo IIRefine properties to comply with spec
2020-07-21 Samuel A. Falvo IIFix where msr_i gets its value from
2020-07-21 Samuel A. Falvo IIMerge in recent updates to TRAP FV properties.
2020-07-21 Luke Kenneth Casso... corrections to trap proof see
2020-07-21 Luke Kenneth Casso... use alias for msr_i in trap proof
2020-07-20 Samuel A. Falvo IIRework SC properties to conform to style
2020-07-20 Samuel A. Falvo IIFormal properties for RFID.
2020-07-18 Luke Kenneth Casso... add comment and copy of pseudo-code for OP_RFID into...
2020-07-18 Samuel A. Falvo IIWIP: FV failing for unknown reasons.
2020-07-18 Jacob LifshayMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2020-07-18 Samuel A. Falvo IIFailing test: fast1/fast2 vs srr0/srr1? on trap pipe
2020-07-18 Samuel A. Falvo IIforgot to clean up workspace in source
2020-07-18 Samuel A. Falvo IIFV props for SC instruction
2020-07-17 Samuel A. Falvo IIFirst FV property for trap unit