2020-05-15 Michael NolanUpdate to latest wiki version, fix bug in prty pseudocode
2020-05-15 Luke Kenneth... add count leading zero test into logical test_pipe_call...
2020-05-15 Luke Kenneth... link countzero in to Logical pipeline
2020-05-15 Luke Kenneth... output countzero ilang
2020-05-15 Luke Kenneth... remove countzero vhdl tb code
2020-05-15 Luke Kenneth... swap encode responses, 3210 not 0123 for left mode
2020-05-15 Luke Kenneth... add some more tests to countzero
2020-05-15 Luke Kenneth... cool! countzero unit test works!
2020-05-15 Luke Kenneth... code-munging
2020-05-15 Luke Kenneth... bit of code-morphing of
2020-05-15 Luke Kenneth... make module combinatorial
2020-05-15 Tobias Platenconverted countzero from microwatt
2020-05-14 Luke Kenneth... minor cleanup
2020-05-14 Luke Kenneth... more code-munging
2020-05-14 Luke Kenneth... random commenting and code-morph of Logical
2020-05-14 Luke Kenneth... tidy up rotator main stage
2020-05-14 Luke Kenneth... small code-shuffle
2020-05-14 Luke Kenneth... update submodule for parity
2020-05-14 Michael NolanAdd patch for cmpb
2020-05-14 Luke Kenneth... update submodule isa tables to match OP_CMPB moving...
2020-05-14 Luke Kenneth... add parity test
2020-05-14 Luke Kenneth... add the ever-weird parity instruction
2020-05-14 Luke Kenneth... clarify code, use temporary
2020-05-14 Luke Kenneth... simplify popcount
2020-05-14 Luke Kenneth... add popcount test
2020-05-14 Luke Kenneth... add (untested) popcount
2020-05-14 Luke Kenneth... debug info on assertion
2020-05-14 Luke Kenneth... add comment about CMP swapping
2020-05-14 Luke Kenneth... cleanup Logical
2020-05-14 Luke Kenneth... invert test condition in formal proof of ALU output...
2020-05-14 Luke Kenneth... move inversion of cmp into output stage by inverting...
2020-05-14 Luke Kenneth... idea: invert pos/neg test in output stage, uses an...
2020-05-14 Michael NolanImplement OP_CMP
2020-05-14 Michael NolanAdd OP_CMPB
2020-05-14 Michael NolanUpdate to latest wiki version
2020-05-14 Michael NolanFix bug in shift_rot, update proof to handle new interface
2020-05-14 Luke Kenneth... minor experimental rework of LDSTCompUnit to suit score...
2020-05-14 Luke Kenneth... add TODO comments on Logical pipeline
2020-05-14 Luke Kenneth... whoops assertion that the Logical pipeline Function...
2020-05-14 Luke Kenneth... move forward to logical pipelines Function type
2020-05-14 Luke Kenneth... add logical pipeline to Power decode Function enum
2020-05-13 Michael NolanAdd test for random rlcd(l/r) instructions
2020-05-13 Michael NolanFix bug in rotator preventing use of 64 bit rlcl/r
2020-05-13 Michael NolanUpdate to latest wiki version
2020-05-13 Luke Kenneth... add TODO placeholders for popcount and parity
2020-05-13 Luke Kenneth... minor tidyup
2020-05-13 Luke Kenneth... comments on ALU pipeline
2020-05-13 Luke Kenneth... update comment on Logical pipeline
2020-05-13 Luke Kenneth... remove Logical operations from ALU pipeline
2020-05-13 Luke Kenneth... split out Logical operations into separate pipeline
2020-05-13 Luke Kenneth... comments (and whitespace
2020-05-13 Michael NolanFix too wide bitfield being selected for opcode 30
2020-05-13 Michael NolanFix weirdness with rldicl and friends in
2020-05-13 Michael NolanAdd support for OP_EXTS
2020-05-13 Luke Kenneth... restore field decoders (works with BE/LE) in rotator
2020-05-13 Luke Kenneth... minor cleanup of shift_rot main_stage
2020-05-13 Michael NolanAdd missing input stage and pipe_data
2020-05-13 Luke Kenneth... simplift right_mask and left_mask rotator sub-functions...
2020-05-13 Michael NolanFix bug with ROTL32 helper
2020-05-13 Michael NolanSomewhat working now?
2020-05-13 Michael NolanIntegrate into shift_rot unit
2020-05-13 Michael NolanUpdate cmp test in
2020-05-13 Michael NolanAdd assertions to ALU and shift_rot test that the instr...
2020-05-13 Michael NolanAdd SHIFT_ROT FU
2020-05-13 Michael NolanModify alu test to put reg1 *OR* reg3 into alu input A
2020-05-13 Michael NolanUpdate TODO
2020-05-13 Luke Kenneth... remove operand c from ALU in/out
2020-05-12 Luke Kenneth... temporary reorg of reg/immediate reading
2020-05-12 Luke Kenneth... add 3rd register input to ALUInputData
2020-05-12 Luke Kenneth... connect LDSTMulti to 6600 Scoreboard
2020-05-12 Luke Kenneth... when doing LD-immediate only acknowledge register 1...
2020-05-12 Michael NolanAdd new shift_rot FU for shifts and rotates
2020-05-12 Michael NolanRemove rotates and shifts from alu
2020-05-11 Michael NolanMassively spead up
2020-05-11 Michael NolanRevert "Greatly speed up"
2020-05-11 Michael NolanGreatly speed up
2020-05-11 Luke Kenneth... comments from discussion
2020-05-11 Michael NolanReverse bit order for cr0 in proof
2020-05-11 Michael NolanCheck output of cr0 from alu
2020-05-11 Michael NolanAdd carry in input to alu testbench
2020-05-11 Michael NolanAdd ability to specify initial state for SPRs
2020-05-11 Michael NolanFix
2020-05-11 Michael NolanFix rlwimi by reordering the inputs *again*
2020-05-11 Michael NolanRe-enable rlwinm test
2020-05-11 Michael NolanCheck write register number too
2020-05-11 Michael NolanReorder the register reads so the field in read_reg2...
2020-05-11 Michael NolanHave test_pipe_caller actually read from the registers...
2020-05-11 Michael NolanActually implement rlwimi
2020-05-11 Luke Kenneth... comment input signals
2020-05-11 Luke Kenneth... cleanup
2020-05-11 Luke Kenneth... add docstring, missing return module
2020-05-11 Luke Kenneth... start cleanup of, Cat order is inverted
2020-05-11 Luke Kenneth... convert microwatt rotator to nmigen (first draft)
2020-05-10 Michael NolanAdd test for rlwnm
2020-05-10 Michael NolanImplement rlwimi as well
2020-05-10 Michael NolanImplement rlwinm in alu
2020-05-10 Michael NolanAdd test for rlwinm
2020-05-10 Michael NolanReduce BMC depth on
2020-05-10 Luke Kenneth... use temporary python vars rather than copy signals...
2020-05-09 Michael NolanAdd shift left and shift right to main stage proof