2020-05-21 Michael NolanFix broken unit tests in test_caller
2020-05-21 Michael NolanAdd cr output decoder to
2020-05-21 Michael NolanAdd CR In decoder to
2020-05-21 Michael NolanConvert CR out to enum in power_decoder
2020-05-21 Michael NolanUpdate to latest wiki version - convert CR out to enum
2020-05-21 Michael NolanConvert CR In field to enum instead of single bit
2020-05-21 Michael NolanUpdate to latest wiki version
2020-05-21 Luke Kenneth... add zero_a flag to CompALUOpSubset
2020-05-21 Luke Kenneth... add zero_a flag to Decode2ExecuteType
2020-05-21 Michael NolanFix broken test_adde/add overflow handling to
2020-05-21 Luke Kenneth... whitespace/shuffle
2020-05-21 Luke Kenneth... move common functionality between PipeSpecs to soc...
2020-05-21 Luke Kenneth... move FU IntegerData to directory below
2020-05-21 Luke Kenneth... branch output spec nia not cia
2020-05-21 Luke Kenneth... add dedicated TrapPipeSpec
2020-05-21 Luke Kenneth... create and use ShiftRotPipeSpec
2020-05-21 Luke Kenneth... convert to individual PipeSpecs for each pipeline
2020-05-21 Luke Kenneth... add regspec to ALUPipeSpec
2020-05-21 Luke Kenneth... use branch-specific data structures, add "regspecs...
2020-05-21 Luke Kenneth... code-morph LDSTCompUnit to use RecordObject structure...
2020-05-21 Cesar StraussFixed typo and left-over from refactoring
2020-05-20 Michael NolanAdd proof for OP_MCRF
2020-05-20 Michael NolanAdd proof for OP_MFCR
2020-05-20 Michael NolanMake test for bpermd exercise the module a bit more
2020-05-20 Michael NolanRevert "*technically* don't use a full crossbar"
2020-05-20 Luke Kenneth... add link to bugreport in CR pipe formal test
2020-05-20 Michael Nolan*technically* don't use a full crossbar
2020-05-20 colepoirierAdded OP_BPERMD to fu/logical pipeline, with test
2020-05-20 Michael NolanRevert "assign index to temporary"
2020-05-20 Michael NolanAdd proof for OP_CROP
2020-05-20 Luke Kenneth... go back to not using LUT in CR pipe
2020-05-20 Luke Kenneth... assign index to temporary
2020-05-20 Luke Kenneth... store CR lut result in temporary
2020-05-20 Michael NolanBegin adding CR proof
2020-05-20 Michael NolanFix small bug in op_crop
2020-05-20 Luke Kenneth... add register specs to pipeline in/out so that they...
2020-05-20 Luke Kenneth... damn. assigning to temporary signals may turn out...
2020-05-20 Luke Kenneth... ehn? moo? CR test_pipe_caller locks up 100% CPU on...
2020-05-20 Luke Kenneth... correct XER variable names
2020-05-20 Luke Kenneth... correct import on shift_rot maskgen
2020-05-20 Michael NolanUse overflow definition from microwatt
2020-05-20 Michael NolanAdd overflow handling and proof
2020-05-20 Michael NolanFix bug introduced in rebase
2020-05-20 Luke Kenneth... fixup XER names in shift_rot pipe tests
2020-05-20 Luke Kenneth... formal proof rename on XER flags
2020-05-20 Luke Kenneth... update to new names for XER fields
2020-05-20 Luke Kenneth... normalise XER regs carry/32 and SO
2020-05-20 Michael NolanAdd proof for OP_CNTZ
2020-05-20 Luke Kenneth... add cross-reference to bugtracker and wiki
2020-05-20 Michael NolanAdd test for edge cases that were previously buggy
2020-05-20 Michael NolanDelete assume left over from testing
2020-05-20 Michael NolanAdd proof for OP_PRTY
2020-05-20 Michael NolanFormally verify OP_POPCNT
2020-05-20 Michael NolanFix bug with popcntd
2020-05-20 Luke Kenneth... convert CompUnit to use CompUnitRecord
2020-05-20 Luke Kenneth... whitespace, rename ilang to
2020-05-20 Luke Kenneth... i seem to like short names that happen to make things...
2020-05-20 Michael NolanAdd proof for OP_CMP and OP_CMPEQB
2020-05-20 Michael NolanAdd proof for OP_EXTS
2020-05-20 Michael NolanAdd 32 bit carry handling to alu
2020-05-20 Luke Kenneth... output ilang for ALU to unique file
2020-05-20 Luke Kenneth... use nmutil exts helper in ALU OP_EXTS
2020-05-20 Luke Kenneth... use nmutil exts helper
2020-05-20 Luke Kenneth... fix imports in fu matrix tests
2020-05-20 Luke Kenneth... use nmutil exts helper
2020-05-20 Michael NolanFix broken
2020-05-20 Luke Kenneth... munge / simplify code
2020-05-20 Luke Kenneth... minor code-munge, use shorter names
2020-05-20 Luke Kenneth... convert shift_rot to use XER Data
2020-05-20 Luke Kenneth... convert Logical to use new XER use of Data()
2020-05-20 Luke Kenneth... convert alu output to use Data for XER and CR0
2020-05-20 Luke Kenneth... whoops changed name of ALUInputData to LogicalInputData
2020-05-20 Luke Kenneth... fix a series of random imports
2020-05-20 Luke Kenneth... add DIV and MUL to POWER Function enum
2020-05-19 Luke Kenneth... output ilang to for branch
2020-05-19 Luke Kenneth... use field AA directly
2020-05-19 Luke Kenneth... add OP_RFID to enums
2020-05-19 Luke Kenneth... update submodule to latest (including OP_TDI/OP_TRAP
2020-05-19 Luke Kenneth... remove SPR3 from Branch Data, rename lr and spr to...
2020-05-19 colepoirierRenamed bperm files in fu/logical and fu/logical formal...
2020-05-19 Luke Kenneth... rename module, remove extraneous code and imports
2020-05-19 Luke Kenneth... hmmm, branch sets nia to Data as well and sets nia...
2020-05-19 Luke Kenneth... whitespace
2020-05-19 Luke Kenneth... use Data on SPRs in Trap InputData just like in BranchO...
2020-05-19 Luke Kenneth... code-munge
2020-05-19 Luke Kenneth... update comments
2020-05-19 Michael NolanAdd should_trap signal to trap output data
2020-05-19 Michael NolanAdd trap main stage
2020-05-19 Michael NolanUpdate to latest wiki version - fixing OP_TRAP
2020-05-19 Michael NolanChange OP_TWI/TDI/TW/TD to OP_TRAP
2020-05-19 Michael NolanBegin adding trap FU
2020-05-19 Luke Kenneth... rename ALUPipeData to LogicalPipeData
2020-05-19 Luke Kenneth... annoying syntax error
2020-05-19 Luke Kenneth... code-shuffle on OP_CNTZ
2020-05-19 Michael NolanImplement 32 bit cntlz and cnttz
2020-05-19 Michael NolanActually implement cntlzd
2020-05-19 Michael NolanFix weird edge cases with carry
2020-05-19 Michael NolanAdd ca32 to
2020-05-19 Michael NolanHandle carry out in alu
2020-05-19 Michael NolanHandle carry in