2020-05-07 Michael NolanAdd tests for conditional branches
2020-05-07 Luke Kenneth... move unused simulator code out the way
2020-05-07 Luke Kenneth... testing LD without ST
2020-05-07 Michael NolanOoops, forgot comparefixed.patch
2020-05-07 Michael NolanGet test_cmp working
2020-05-07 Michael NolanFix test_mtcrf. Test has been verified against qemu
2020-05-07 Michael NolanMake FieldSelectableInt accept slices for set and get
2020-05-07 Michael NolanAdd handling of add with comparison
2020-05-07 Michael NolanFix bug with comparisons in
2020-05-07 Michael NolanAdd test_mfcr
2020-05-07 Luke Kenneth... continuing debugging of LD/ST CompUnit FSM and unit...
2020-05-07 Luke Kenneth... partially-debugged ld/st comp unit using new PortInterface
2020-05-06 Michael NolanRe-enable test_mtcrf
2020-05-06 Michael NolanAdd length helper for getting length of a selectable int
2020-05-06 Michael NolanAdd helper functions to replace direct comparison in...
2020-05-06 Luke Kenneth... no syntax errors in LDSTCompUnit multi version
2020-05-06 Luke Kenneth... almost complete LD/ST CompUnit, nearing testing
2020-05-06 Michael NolanLook up spr length from spr table
2020-05-06 Michael NolanAdd dict of spr properties to power_enums
2020-05-06 Michael NolanImplement bctr and mtspr
2020-05-06 Michael NolanProperly implement LR and CTR
2020-05-06 Michael NolanAdd ability to patch generated isa files
2020-05-06 Michael NolanSorta kinda working bl and blr - need to properly imple...
2020-05-06 Luke Kenneth... remove unneeded minerva code
2020-05-06 Luke Kenneth... mention need for DualPortSplitter class
2020-05-06 Luke Kenneth... more connecting signals for LDSTCompUnit according...
2020-05-06 Jacob Lifshayupdate Makefile to include required build steps
2020-05-05 Michael NolanAdd rudimentary branch capability
2020-05-05 Michael NolanFix broken test_decoder_gas
2020-05-05 Luke Kenneth... begin connecting up signals for LDSTCompUnit
2020-05-05 Yehowshua ImmanuelMerge branch 'master' of
2020-05-05 Yehowshua ImmanuelGit rid of named tuple imported twice
2020-05-05 Luke Kenneth... new version of LDSTCompUnit
2020-05-05 Yehowshua ImmanuelLink to documentation in
2020-05-04 Luke Kenneth... comments
2020-05-04 Luke Kenneth... take out wait for busy in L0BufferCache tests
2020-05-04 Luke Kenneth... whitespace cleanup
2020-05-04 Luke Kenneth... bit of a mess, but functional. unit test passes on...
2020-05-04 Luke Kenneth... hmmm trying to get st to acknowledge properly
2020-05-04 Luke Kenneth... add links to bugreport and to memory/cache wiki page
2020-05-04 Luke Kenneth... L0 cache/buffer first unit test, working except for...
2020-05-04 Yehowshua ImmanuelRemove request since no longer https fetches from wiki
2020-05-04 Tobias Platenupdate cr0 when rc is set
2020-05-04 Luke Kenneth... first cut at "basic" L0 Cache/Buffer (untested), only...
2020-05-04 Luke Kenneth... document PortInterface, start on "dummy" L0CacheBuffer
2020-05-04 Luke Kenneth... whitespace
2020-05-04 Luke Kenneth... better comments on rd/wr pending
2020-05-03 Luke Kenneth... move unused out of soc directory
2020-05-03 Luke Kenneth... add comments to power decoder
2020-05-03 Luke Kenneth... move TLB and iommu to unused directory
2020-05-02 Michael NolanRead decoder tables from wiki submodule instead of web
2020-04-27 Luke Kenneth... add LDST PortInterface class
2020-04-27 Luke Kenneth... add CompLDSTOpSubset, contains subset of decode instruc...
2020-04-27 Luke Kenneth... update signal in DecodeToExecute1Type is "LD/ST perform...
2020-04-24 Luke Kenneth... experimenting with ld/st comp unit
2020-04-24 Luke Kenneth... remove out-of-date comments
2020-04-23 Luke Kenneth... comment req_done
2020-04-23 Luke Kenneth... hair-raising series of half-way-house changes which...
2020-04-23 Luke Kenneth... start using records in score6600
2020-04-23 Luke Kenneth... rename MultiCompUnit
2020-04-23 Luke Kenneth... use go/rel Record in ldstcomp
2020-04-22 Luke Kenneth... fix request-done in compalu_multi
2020-04-22 Luke Kenneth... LDSTCompUnit converted, no need to special-case
2020-04-22 Luke Kenneth... convert CompALU to Record in/out
2020-04-21 Jacob Lifshayfix failure to import alu_hier
2020-04-21 Jacob Lifshayfix bug #290
2020-04-21 Jacob Lifshayadd libmpfr-dev to .gitlab-ci.yml
2020-04-20 Tobias Platentestcase fo mulli
2020-04-20 Tobias Platentestcase for addis
2020-04-20 Tobias Platenadd with carry cleanup and test case
2020-04-20 Luke Kenneth... changes to LDSTCompUnit, get score6600 working
2020-04-19 Luke Kenneth... get unit test up and running after modifica...
2020-04-19 Luke Kenneth... whoops cut/paste error, n_src used instead of n_dst...
2020-04-19 Luke Kenneth... import TestMemory globally not relative
2020-04-19 Luke Kenneth... convert BranchALU to temporary conformant API
2020-04-19 Luke Kenneth... half-way-house fix to get request-release signals working
2020-04-18 Luke Kenneth... attempting to get CompUnitsBase connected up
2020-04-18 Luke Kenneth... 1st operation successful, 2nd still not running correctly
2020-04-18 Luke Kenneth... yield ports in dep cell
2020-04-18 Luke Kenneth... go_rd/go_wr should not be array in FU-REGs
2020-04-18 Jacob Lifshayupdate libreriscv submodule
2020-04-18 Jacob LifshayMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2020-04-18 Jacob Lifshayadding WIP memory_pipe_experiment
2020-04-17 Luke Kenneth... intpick request-release bug
2020-04-17 Tobias Platenadd with carry instructions
2020-04-17 Luke Kenneth... rename signals
2020-04-17 Luke Kenneth... delay too long
2020-04-17 Luke Kenneth... temporarily not use MultiPriorityPicker
2020-04-17 Luke Kenneth... whoops fu-fu readable / writeable output not an array
2020-04-17 Luke Kenneth... whoops src_rsel signal-copy error
2020-04-17 Luke Kenneth... whew multi rd/wr signals finally connecting
2020-04-17 Luke Kenneth... whoops not using CompUnitMulti
2020-04-17 Luke Kenneth... not using relative imports (pain in the neck)
2020-04-17 Luke Kenneth... correct-wiring of FunctionUnit src/dest
2020-04-17 Luke Kenneth... create distinct "done_o" signal
2020-04-17 Jacob Lifshayfix tests
2020-04-17 Jacob LifshayMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2020-04-17 Jacob Lifshayadd memory_pipe_experiment
2020-04-16 Luke Kenneth... thoroughly broken but at least partly connected up...
2020-04-16 Luke Kenneth... update group picker to be multi-level capable. now...