ownergit repository hosting
last changeSun, 5 Nov 2023 14:18:40 +0000 (11:18 -0300)
2023-11-05 Cesar StraussAllow the formal engine to perform a same-cycle result... master
2023-09-12 Jacob Lifshayremove grev, leaving tests for later use with grevlut
2023-09-12 Jacob Lifshayskip test_microwatt.BinaryTestCase.test_binary if file...
2023-09-11 Jacob Lifshaymake installing cocotb work
2023-09-11 Jacob Lifshayskip madd* tests since they're not implemented
2023-09-11 Jacob LifshayMASK was moved into ISACallerHelper class
2023-09-11 Jacob Lifshayset parent pspec to class with XLEN = 64
2023-09-11 Jacob Lifshayset 'soc' filter to filter out v3.1 insns
2023-09-11 Jacob Lifshayfix ALU test by setting 'soc' filter to filter out...
2023-09-11 Jacob Lifshaymark src/soc/experiment/test/
2023-09-11 Jacob Lifshaymark as broken
2023-09-11 Jacob Lifshayadd cocotb to gitlab-ci
2023-09-11 Jacob Lifshayadd pytest-output-to-files's output dir to gitignore
2023-09-10 Jacob Lifshaymake CI work
2023-07-27 Andrey MiroshnikovMakefile: Added rule for generating mw-compatible core...
2023-01-01 Cesar StraussHandle newer nMigen adding a "bench" hierarchy root...
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