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The main SOC portion of Libre-SOC. A quad-core open source SOC with a GPU, VPU, and open source VLSI design cells.

Open source down to VLSI Cells.



make update
make install
make test # optional (ish)

Running Simulator tests

qemu and gdb for Power 64 are required. qemu can be installed with "apt-get install qemu-system-ppc64", however gdb needs compiling from source. Obtain the latest tarball, unpack it, then:

cd gdb-9.1 (or other location)
mkdir build
cd build
 ../configure --srcdir=.. --host=x86_64-linux --target=powerpc64-linux-gnu
make -j16
make install

You will need to have installed the powerpc gnu gcc cross-compiler for this to work:

apt-get install gcc-9-powerpc64-linux-gnu
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