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last changeTue, 15 Nov 2022 11:55:02 +0000 (08:55 -0300)
2022-11-15 Cesar StraussKeep the valid signal from the formal engine ALU stable... master
2022-10-28 Cesar StraussCheck that exactly one ALU write is made, per instruction
2022-10-28 Cesar StraussCheck cover and bmc in separate sub-tests
2022-10-26 Cesar StraussReset req_l latch on system reset
2022-10-26 Cesar StraussReset src_l latch on issue_i
2022-10-24 Luke Kenneth... only NLnet sponsor
2022-10-16 Cesar StraussMove test to expose bug in MultiCompUnit
2022-10-12 Cesar StraussCheck invariant for instruction operands
2022-10-12 Cesar StraussIf the ALU is idle, do not assert valid
2022-10-09 Cesar StraussCount zero_a and imm_data.ok as masked read transactions
2022-10-09 Cesar StraussDon't issue while busy
2022-10-08 Cesar StraussAdd count of masked reads
2022-10-08 Cesar StraussAdd ALU read transaction counter
2022-10-08 Cesar StraussAdd ALU write transaction counter
2022-10-08 Cesar StraussAdd write transaction counter
2022-10-05 Cesar StraussFix duplicate line (copy & paste error)
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