convert numbers to python format
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2020-01-25 Tobias Platenconvert numbers to python format master
2020-01-25 Tobias Platenalway_comb nested if support
2020-01-24 Tobias Platenalways_comb: handle if/else blocks
2020-01-24 Tobias Platenconvert always_comb assignments
2020-01-24 Tobias Platenwire assignments
2020-01-23 Tobias Platenremove redunant debug output
2020-01-23 Tobias Platendo not create output files on error
2020-01-22 Tobias Platenrun autopep8
2019-11-03 Tobias Platenadd working preprocessor (creates docstrings)
2019-11-01 Tobias Platencleanup, add example output
2019-10-27 Tobias Platencomb assignment now working
2019-10-26 Tobias Platenport_decl
2019-10-26 Tobias Platenadd elaborate function
2019-10-26 Tobias Platenclass decl cleanup
2019-10-20 Tobias Platenparser refactoring