a quick hack to display total payments per milestone
[utils.git] / src / budget_sync / budget_graph.py
2021-04-26 Luke Kenneth Casso... a quick hack to display total payments per milestone
2021-04-24 Luke Kenneth Casso... previous_payment now a list
2021-04-24 Luke Kenneth Casso... not an error if duplicate alias
2021-04-20 Luke Kenneth Casso... keep debug prints (commented out), TODO, "debug log...
2020-09-18 Jacob Lifshaygenerating output markdown files works
2020-09-18 Jacob Lifshayadd assignee to budget_graph.Node
2020-09-18 Jacob Lifshayadd status field to budget_graph.Node
2020-09-12 Jacob Lifshayworking on implementing write_budget_markdown
2020-09-10 Jacob Lifshaybudget-sync is now working after adding code to use...
2020-09-08 Jacob Lifshaychange Payment.from_toml to private
2020-09-08 Jacob Lifshayremove unnecessary __ne__ implementation
2020-09-08 Jacob Lifshayadd code for parsing new cf_payees_list format
2020-09-05 Jacob Lifshayrewrite heuristics for which fields of bugs should...
2020-08-28 Jacob Lifshaystart adding cf_payees_list handling
2020-08-21 Jacob Lifshayall unit tests pass
2020-08-19 Jacob Lifshayworking on code