8 days ago Dmitry Selyutinbudget-sync: update ghostmansd master
10 days ago Luke Kenneth... add RED Semiconductor Ltd
2022-04-27 Luke Kenneth... names should not have spaces
2022-04-24 Luke Kenneth... add alias for prof galayko
2022-04-21 Luke Kenneth... add marie-minerve
2022-02-26 Luke Kenneth... add raptor engineering
2021-12-09 Luke Kenneth... printout of buglists for review
2021-12-09 Luke Kenneth... provide print-out method without update for bugs
2021-12-09 Luke Kenneth... add alias lip6_donated_nlnet
2021-11-29 Luke Kenneth... add a hacked-together updater which can be used to...
2021-11-29 Luke Kenneth... add username and password commandline opts to budget...
2021-11-26 Jacob Lifshayadd 2021 coriolis2 milestone
2021-11-26 Jacob Lifshayadd cached_property fallback for python < 3.8 compatability
2021-10-30 Luke Kenneth... add andrey to budget-sync config
2021-09-24 Jacob Lifshayshorten csv headers
2021-09-24 Jacob Lifshayswitch to having full_name/identifier instead of identi...
2021-09-24 Jacob Lifshayadjust/rewrite code to fix https://bugs.libre-soc.org...
2021-09-23 Jacob LifshayRevert "fix logical errors caused by breaking the assum...
2021-09-23 Jacob Lifshayfix logical errors caused by breaking the assumption...
2021-09-23 Jacob Lifshayfix broken tests
2021-09-23 Jacob Lifshayadd build and clean targets to makefile
2021-09-23 Jacob Lifshaycomment out excessive printing
2021-09-22 Jacob Lifshayadd columns to csv for bug budgets, as well as totals...
2021-09-22 Jacob Lifshayupdate budget-sync-config.toml
2021-09-04 Luke Kenneth... add mikolajw to config
2021-09-04 Luke Kenneth... add maciej to budget-sync config
2021-08-12 Luke Kenneth... add dmitry to config
2021-05-18 Jacob Lifshayadd port 922 to Makefile
2021-05-18 Jacob Lifshayadd task_db to .gitignore
2021-05-18 Jacob Lifshayadd https://github.com/DrChat to budget-sync-config...
2021-05-18 Jacob Lifshayformat main.py
2021-05-18 Jacob Lifshayformat budget-sync-config.toml
2021-05-17 Luke Kenneth... sort out short names in csv files
2021-05-07 Luke Kenneth... index by bug id
2021-05-07 Luke Kenneth... accumulate payment info into rows by bug id
2021-05-07 Luke Kenneth... add means to write out csvs.mdwn which contains table...
2021-04-27 Luke Kenneth... reorder aliases a bit
2021-04-27 Luke Kenneth... milestone people already converted to string
2021-04-27 Luke Kenneth... even quicker badder hack to create something vaguely...
2021-04-26 Luke Kenneth... also total up paid / requested amounts
2021-04-26 Luke Kenneth... a quick hack to display total payments per milestone
2021-04-24 Luke Kenneth... previous_payment now a list
2021-04-24 Luke Kenneth... not an error if duplicate alias
2021-04-24 Luke Kenneth... move donated
2021-04-24 Luke Kenneth... add cryptorouter canonical bug
2021-04-24 Luke Kenneth... add cryptorouter canonical bug
2021-04-20 Luke Kenneth... break out summary onto new line
2021-04-20 Luke Kenneth... improve spacing in mdwn output, add payment date print-out
2021-04-20 Luke Kenneth... add lip6_donated
2021-04-20 Luke Kenneth... keep debug prints (commented out), TODO, "debug log...
2021-04-20 Luke Kenneth... less than total requested can be returned. stop when...
2021-04-19 Luke Kenneth... sigh add NLnet 2019-10P
2021-04-19 Luke Kenneth... add extra people
2021-04-19 Luke Kenneth... add Andrew Wygle to budget-sync config
2020-12-07 Luke Kenneth... update README
2020-12-07 Luke Kenneth... add README
2020-12-06 Luke Kenneth... adding donated alias for mnolan
2020-12-02 Luke Kenneth... syntax error
2020-12-02 Luke Kenneth... add lip6 alias for Sorbonne University (Jean-Paul)
2020-12-02 Luke Kenneth... add alias michael nolan
2020-12-02 Luke Kenneth... add alias jock for jock tanner
2020-12-01 Jacob Lifshayadd Dimitri Galayko
2020-09-21 Jacob Lifshayadd alias for cole
2020-09-18 Jacob Lifshayremove the not-yet-started section from output markdown
2020-09-18 Jacob Lifshaygenerating output markdown files works
2020-09-18 Jacob Lifshayadd assignee to budget_graph.Node
2020-09-18 Jacob Lifshayadd email to Person.all_names and Config.all_names
2020-09-18 Jacob Lifshayadd status field to budget_graph.Node
2020-09-18 Jacob Lifshayrefactor MockBug in preperation for adding `status...
2020-09-18 Jacob Lifshaywrite rest of MockPath tests
2020-09-15 Jacob Lifshayadd .coverage to .gitignore
2020-09-15 Jacob Lifshayworking on adding tests for write_budget_markdown
2020-09-14 Jacob Lifshayadd summary to MockBug
2020-09-12 Jacob Lifshayworking on implementing write_budget_markdown
2020-09-11 Jacob Lifshayfix incorrect argparse argument format
2020-09-10 Jacob Lifshaybudget-sync is now working after adding code to use...
2020-09-09 Jacob Lifshayadd milestones to Config
2020-09-09 Jacob Lifshayfinish adding Config parsing and tests
2020-09-08 Jacob Lifshaystart adding Config
2020-09-08 Jacob Lifshaychange Payment.from_toml to private
2020-09-08 Jacob Lifshayremove unnecessary __ne__ implementation
2020-09-08 Jacob Lifshayadd code for parsing new cf_payees_list format
2020-09-05 Jacob Lifshayrewrite heuristics for which fields of bugs should...
2020-08-28 Jacob Lifshaystart adding cf_payees_list handling
2020-08-21 Jacob Lifshayall unit tests pass
2020-08-19 Jacob Lifshayworking on code
2020-08-18 Jacob Lifshayinitial commit