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8 days ago Dmitry Selyutinbudget-sync: update ghostmansd master
11 days ago Luke Kenneth... add RED Semiconductor Ltd
2022-04-27 Luke Kenneth... names should not have spaces
2022-04-24 Luke Kenneth... add alias for prof galayko
2022-04-21 Luke Kenneth... add marie-minerve
2022-02-26 Luke Kenneth... add raptor engineering
2021-12-09 Luke Kenneth... printout of buglists for review
2021-12-09 Luke Kenneth... provide print-out method without update for bugs
2021-12-09 Luke Kenneth... add alias lip6_donated_nlnet
2021-11-29 Luke Kenneth... add a hacked-together updater which can be used to...
2021-11-29 Luke Kenneth... add username and password commandline opts to budget...
2021-11-26 Jacob Lifshayadd 2021 coriolis2 milestone
2021-11-26 Jacob Lifshayadd cached_property fallback for python < 3.8 compatability
2021-10-30 Luke Kenneth... add andrey to budget-sync config
2021-09-24 Jacob Lifshayshorten csv headers
2021-09-24 Jacob Lifshayswitch to having full_name/identifier instead of identi...
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