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last changeSat, 27 May 2023 12:26:34 +0000 (13:26 +0100)
27 hours ago Luke Kenneth... add ghostman alias master
2023-03-08 Luke Kenneth... correction to Makefile
2023-03-08 Luke Kenneth... add sadoon and david to config
2023-02-09 Jacob Lifshayadd my laptop key
2023-01-31 Jacob Lifshayadd git-ssh-allowed-signers
2022-10-22 Luke Kenneth... add opf and ongoing top-level
2022-10-04 Luke Kenneth... can't spell...
2022-10-04 Luke Kenneth... add dan to budget config
2022-10-03 Jacob Lifshayadd cavatools milestone
2022-10-03 Jacob Lifshayformat code
2022-09-28 Luke Kenneth... alter layout to make it easier to distinguish things...
2022-08-30 Jacob Lifshayfix markdown header writing tests
2022-08-30 Jacob Lifshaywrite progress to terminal, even if output is redirected
2022-08-30 Jacob Lifshaywrite json to specified output dir instead of current...
2022-08-26 Luke Kenneth... move lip6_donated to RED, interns to invoice
2022-07-21 Luke Kenneth... comment-out debug print
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