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2020-12-07 Luke Kenneth... update README master
2020-12-07 Luke Kenneth... add README
2020-12-06 Luke Kenneth... adding donated alias for mnolan
2020-12-02 Luke Kenneth... syntax error
2020-12-02 Luke Kenneth... add lip6 alias for Sorbonne University (Jean-Paul)
2020-12-02 Luke Kenneth... add alias michael nolan
2020-12-02 Luke Kenneth... add alias jock for jock tanner
2020-12-01 Jacob Lifshayadd Dimitri Galayko
2020-09-21 Jacob Lifshayadd alias for cole
2020-09-18 Jacob Lifshayremove the not-yet-started section from output markdown
2020-09-18 Jacob Lifshaygenerating output markdown files works
2020-09-18 Jacob Lifshayadd assignee to budget_graph.Node
2020-09-18 Jacob Lifshayadd email to Person.all_names and Config.all_names
2020-09-18 Jacob Lifshayadd status field to budget_graph.Node
2020-09-18 Jacob Lifshayrefactor MockBug in preperation for adding `status...
2020-09-18 Jacob Lifshaywrite rest of MockPath tests
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