2021-05-18 Jacob Lifshayadd count_leading_zeros, count_trailing_zeros, and...
2021-05-14 Jacob Lifshayadd tan_pi
2021-05-14 Jacob Lifshayadd ceil and floor
2021-05-14 Jacob Lifshayfix copysign
2021-05-14 Jacob Lifshayuse round_to_nearest_ties_to_even to implement round
2021-05-14 Jacob Lifshayadd round_to_nearest_ties_to_even
2021-05-13 Jacob Lifshayadd RUST_BACKTRACE: 1
2021-05-13 Jacob Lifshayadd trunc implementation
2021-05-13 Jacob Lifshayadd copy_sign and genericify abs
2021-05-13 Jacob Lifshayadd abs_f16/32/64
2021-05-13 Jacob Lifshayfix build cache
2021-05-13 Jacob Lifshayadd build caching
2021-05-13 Jacob Lifshayfix build errors when `std` is disabled
2021-05-13 Jacob Lifshayadd sin_cos_pi_f64
2021-05-12 Jacob Lifshayadd sin_pi_kernel_f64 and cos_pi_kernel_f64
2021-05-10 Jacob Lifshayimplement sin_cos_pi_f32
2021-05-10 Jacob Lifshayfix build errors with stdsimd
2021-05-10 Jacob Lifshayfix crate::stdsimd
2021-05-10 Jacob Lifshaymake ulp testing code more generic
2021-05-10 Jacob Lifshayfix formatting
2021-05-10 Jacob Lifshayrefactor to easily allow algorithms generic over f16...
2021-05-08 Jacob Lifshayadd sin_pi_f16, cos_pi_f16, and sin_cos_pi_f16
2021-05-07 Jacob Lifshayworking on adding sin_cos_pi
2021-05-07 Jacob Lifshayremove unused constants
2021-05-07 Jacob Lifshayexpand build matrix
2021-05-07 Jacob Lifshayfix non-fma build
2021-05-07 Jacob Lifshayadd test_ilogb_f16
2021-05-07 Jacob Lifshayadd gitlab ci
2021-05-05 Jacob Lifshaystdsimd bindings work!
2021-05-05 Jacob Lifshayswitch to using separate VecBool8/16/32/64
2021-05-04 Jacob Lifshaystart adding stdsimd support
2021-05-04 Jacob Lifshayadd ilogb
2021-05-03 Jacob LifshayIR works!
2021-05-03 Jacob Lifshayclarify explanatory comment
2021-05-03 Jacob Lifshayimpl traits for scalar types
2021-05-02 Jacob Lifshayswitch to using `half` for f16 implementation
2021-05-02 Jacob Lifshayfinish traits macros
2021-05-01 Jacob Lifshayworking on code