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last changeSat, 19 Jun 2021 00:09:56 +0000 (17:09 -0700)
2021-06-19 Jacob Lifshayremove note to convert to sin_cos_tau instead sin_cos_pi master
2021-05-28 Jacob Lifshayadd sqrt_fast_f16/f32/f64
2021-05-25 Jacob Lifshaystart adding FloatFloat
2021-05-25 Jacob Lifshayadd comment with intention to refactor trig functions...
2021-05-21 Jacob Lifshayworking on sqrt_rsqrt_kernel
2021-05-21 Jacob Lifshaymove sqrt/rsqrt code to
2021-05-21 Jacob Lifshaydon't fail if rustfmt not found
2021-05-21 Jacob Lifshayconvert proc-macro for generating Context trait to...
2021-05-21 Jacob Lifshayfix build error
2021-05-20 Jacob Lifshayworking on adding sqrt and rsqrt implementation
2021-05-18 Jacob Lifshayadd count_leading_zeros, count_trailing_zeros, and...
2021-05-14 Jacob Lifshayadd tan_pi
2021-05-14 Jacob Lifshayadd ceil and floor
2021-05-14 Jacob Lifshayfix copysign
2021-05-14 Jacob Lifshayuse round_to_nearest_ties_to_even to implement round
2021-05-14 Jacob Lifshayadd round_to_nearest_ties_to_even
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