broadcom/vc5: Add XML for V3D 4.2.
[mesa.git] /
2018-01-20 Dylan Bakerautotools: include meson build files in tarball
2017-11-08 Emil Velikovconfigure: enable the OpenCL ICD by default
2017-10-16 Dylan Bakerconfigure: commit test files
2017-09-15 Emil Velikovautomake: enable libunwind in `make distcheck'
2017-08-01 Jose Fonsecabuild: Convert git_sha1_gen script to Python.
2017-07-12 Eric Anholtvc4: Switch back to using a local copy of vc4_drm.h.
2017-07-12 Eric Anholtintel: Move the DRM uapi headers to a non-Intel location.
2017-07-06 Eric Engestrombuild systems: move to bin/
2017-06-30 Juan A. Suarez Romeroautomake: include into EXTRA_DIST
2017-06-15 Eric Anholtgallium: Add renderonly-based support for pl111+vc4.
2017-04-17 Emil deprecate --with-egl-platforms over ...
2017-02-10 Emil supersede --enable-gallium-llvm over...
2017-02-03 Edward O'Callaghanilo: EOL drop unmaintained gallium drv from buildsys
2017-01-12 Emil Velikovautomake: use shared llvm libs for make distcheck
2017-01-12 Emil Velikovautomake: add the new drivers etnaviv and imx to make...
2016-10-24 Emil Velikovautomake: don't forget to pick wglext.h in the tarball
2016-10-14 Emil Velikovautomake: add radv to the `make distcheck' hooks
2016-06-13 Emil Velikovautomake: add SWR to `make distcheck' gallium drivers
2016-05-01 Emil Velikovautomake: wire up the intel vulkan driver to make distcheck
2016-03-02 Kenneth GraunkeMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into vulkan
2016-02-29 Emil Velikovautomake: explicitly set distcheck configure flags
2016-02-29 Emil Velikovautomake: add more missing options for make distcheck
2016-02-25 Emil Velikovautomake: add nine to make distcheck
2016-02-11 Jason EkstrandMerge remote-tracking branch 'mesa-public/master' into...
2016-02-11 Jose Fonsecainclude,gallium: Remove pre-MSVC 2013 compatibility.
2015-11-23 Jason EkstrandMerge remote-tracking branch 'mesa-public/master' into...
2015-11-20 Emil Velikovautomake: use static llvm for make distcheck
2015-08-26 Jason EkstrandMerge remote-tracking branch 'mesa-public/master' into...
2015-08-22 Emil Velikovautomake: build all drivers but vc4 during distcheck
2015-03-24 Emil Velikovmakefile: add all headers to the tarball
2015-02-18 Emil Velikovautomake: Use AM_DISTCHECK_CONFIGURE_FLAGS
2014-12-18 Matt Turnermesa: Remove tarballs/checksum rules.
2014-12-18 Matt Turnermesa: Set DISTCHECK_CONFIGURE_FLAGS.
2014-12-12 Matt Turnermesa: Add to distribution.
2014-12-12 Matt Turnermesa: Add scons files to distribution.
2014-12-12 Matt Turnerdocs: Add to distribution.
2014-12-12 Matt Turnermesa: Add a dist hook to remove .gitignore files from...
2014-12-12 Matt Turnerinclude: Add remaining headers to distribution.
2014-09-03 Carl Worthbuild: Rename md5 to checksums as part of .PHONY target
2014-09-02 Emil VelikovRevert "mesa: fix make tarballs"
2014-08-31 Emil Velikovmesa: fix make tarballs
2014-08-21 Carl WorthMakefile: Switch from md5sums to sha256sums
2013-12-13 Carl WorthMakefile: Add bin/test-driver to EXTRA_FILES
2013-12-03 Emil Velikovautomake: include only one copy VERSION in tarball
2013-11-06 Matt Turnermesa: Build program as part of libmesa.
2013-08-02 Matt Remove api_exec_es* from EXTRA_FILES.
2013-07-29 Emil Velikovbuild: unify mesa version by using a VERSION file
2013-07-22 Matt Turnerbuild: Add tests directories to SUBDIRS
2013-06-06 Andreas Bollbuild: Use PACKAGE_VERSION from autoconf
2013-06-06 Andreas Bollbuild: Unify PACKAGE_VERSION on autotools, scons and...
2013-01-31 Andreas Bollmesa: bump version to 9.2 (devel)
2013-01-22 Matt Turnerglsl/build: Build tests via the glsl Makefile
2013-01-22 Matt Turnerglsl/build: Build glcpp via the glsl Makefile
2013-01-10 Matt TurnerRemove configs/{current,default}
2012-11-26 Andreas Bollbuild: use git ls-files for adding all
2012-11-16 Andreas Bollbuild: add missing files to tarballs target
2012-11-16 Andreas Bollbuild: fix make tarballs target
2012-11-14 Andreas Bollbuild: add missing files to tarballs target
2012-11-14 Andreas Bollbuild: add missing files to tarballs target
2012-11-14 Andreas Bollbuild: add config.sub and config.guess to tarballs...
2012-10-25 Matt Turnerbuild: Ship install-sh in the tarball
2012-09-27 Matt Turnerbuild: Use AX_PTHREAD to detect pthreads
2012-09-09 Andreas Bollmesa: bump version to 9.1 (devel)
2012-08-31 Andreas Bollmesa: also bump version in and configure...
2012-08-08 Ian Romanickmesa/tests: Add tests for the generated shared-glapi...
2012-07-13 Jon TURNEYautomake: convert libglsl
2012-06-21 Eric Anholtautomake: Directly generate configs/current instead...
2012-06-13 Ian Romanickmesa/tests: Add tests for the generated dispatch table
2012-06-13 Ian Romanickmesa/tests: Add tests for _mesa_lookup_enum_by_{name...
2012-06-13 Ian Romanickglx: Move tests from tests/glx to src/glx/tests
2012-06-11 Eric Anholtautomake: Move top-level makefile to automake.
2010-06-24 Eric Anholtglsl2: Move the compiler to the subdirectory it will...
2010-06-24 Eric AnholtMerge branch 'mesa'
2010-06-24 Eric Anholtir_to_mesa: Remove the BURG code.
2010-06-24 Eric Anholtir_to_mesa: Print out the resulting program.
2010-06-24 Eric AnholtAdd missing dist file.
2010-06-24 Eric Anholtir_to_mesa: Start building GLSL IR to Mesa IR conversion.
2010-06-23 Eric AnholtAdd a virtual clone() method to ir_instruction.
2010-06-23 Eric Anholtir_validate: New pass for checking our invariants.
2010-06-21 Kenneth GraunkeAdd glcpp to the build.
2010-06-21 Kenneth GraunkeMerge Carl's preprocessor into the glcpp subdirectory.
2010-06-19 Kenneth GraunkeLink against talloc. We're going to be using it.
2010-06-17 Ian Romanicklinker: Initial bits of the linker
2010-06-14 Ian RomanickMove stand-alone compiler main routine to main.cpp
2010-06-02 Ian RomanickRemove some cruft from the Makefile
2010-06-01 Eric Anholtir_constant_variable: New pass to mark constant-assigne...
2010-06-01 Eric Anholtir_swizzle_swizzle: Reduce swizzle chains to a single...
2010-06-01 Eric Anholtir_vec_index_to_swizzle: Pass to convert indexing of...
2010-05-17 Ian Romanickir_visit_tree is no longer used, remove ir_visit_tree...
2010-05-17 Ian RomanickAdd ir_hierarchical_visitor base class and associated...
2010-05-14 Kenneth GraunkeIntegrate into the build process.
2010-05-05 Eric Anholtir_dead_code_local: Remove redundant assignments within...
2010-05-05 Eric Anholtir_copy_propagation: New pass to rewrite dereferences...
2010-04-29 Kenneth GraunkeAdd stub ir_reader and new 'i' mode for reading IR...
2010-04-29 Kenneth GraunkeAdd a simple S-Expression reader and printer.
2010-04-23 Eric Anholtir_function_inlining: Implement inlining in many more...
2010-04-23 Eric AnholtReplace builtin_types.h generation with the generated...
2010-04-19 Eric AnholtRemove dead code assignments and variable declarations.
2010-04-16 Eric AnholtAdd support for inlining calls done inside of expressions.
2010-04-15 Eric AnholtAdd an ir_if simplification pass.