Added few more stubs so that control reaches to DestroyDevice().
[mesa.git] / src / intel / Makefile.sources
2020-06-06 Marcin Ślusarzintel/compiler: fix Android build
2020-05-01 Kenneth Graunkeintel: Move anv_gem_supports_syncobj_wait to common...
2020-04-29 Francisco Jerezintel/ir: Import shader performance analysis pass.
2020-03-27 Lionel Landwerlinintel/perf: move mdapi query definitions to their own...
2020-03-27 Lionel Landwerlinintel/perf: break GL query stuff away
2020-02-25 Jason Ekstrandintel/isl: Add isl_aux_info.c to Makefile.sources
2020-01-26 Lionel Landwerlinintel: Implement Gen12 workaround for array textures...
2019-11-18 Jason Ekstrandanv: Rework push constant handling
2019-11-18 Jason Ekstrandanv: Pre-compute push ranges for graphics pipelines
2019-11-15 Lionel Landwerlinintel/perf: add EHL performance query support
2019-10-31 Lionel Landwerlinintel/perf: fix Android build
2019-10-28 Jordan Justenintel/common: Add surface to aux map translation table...
2019-10-28 Jordan Justenintel/common: Add interface to allocate device buffers
2019-10-23 Lionel Landwerlinanv: implement VK_INTEL_performance_query
2019-10-21 Sagar Ghugeintel: Add missing entry for brw_nir_lower_alpha_to_cov...
2019-10-17 Jordan Justenintel/isl: Add gen12 depth/stencil surface alignments
2019-10-11 Francisco Jerezintel/fs/gen12: Introduce software scoreboard lowering...
2019-10-11 Francisco Jerezintel/eu: Rework opcode description tables to allow...
2019-08-28 Jordan Justenanv: Build for gen12
2019-08-28 Jordan Justenintel/isl: Build gen12 using gen11 code paths
2019-08-28 Jordan Justenintel/genxml: Build gen12 genxml
2019-07-08 Daniel Schürmannanv,nir: Move lower_input_attachments pass from ANV...
2019-06-21 Jason Ekstrandi965,iris: Move guardband calculations to a common...
2019-04-18 Iago Toral Quirogaintel/compiler: add a NIR pass to lower conversions
2019-04-17 Lionel Landwerlini965: move mdapi result data format to intel/perf
2019-04-17 Lionel Landwerlini965: move mdapi data structure to intel/perf
2019-04-17 Lionel Landwerlini965: extract performance query metrics
2019-04-16 Kenneth Graunkei965: Move program key debugging to the compiler.
2019-04-10 Mark Janesintel/common: move gen_debug to intel/dev
2019-02-28 Jason Ekstrandintel/fs: Drop the fs_surface_builder
2019-01-10 Tapani Pälliintel/isl: move tiled_memcpy static libs from i965...
2019-01-09 Francisco Jerezintel/fs: Remove existing lower_conversions pass.
2019-01-09 Francisco Jerezintel/fs: Introduce regioning lowering pass.
2018-11-16 Jason Ekstrandintel/compiler: Lower SSBO and shared loads/stores...
2018-11-06 Lionel Landwerlinanv: stub internal android code
2018-08-29 Jason Ekstrandintel/compiler: Do image load/store lowering to NIR
2018-06-19 Keith Packardanv: Add KHR_display extension to anv [v7]
2018-05-28 Scott D Phillipsanv: move canonical_address calculation into a separate...
2018-05-02 Kenneth Graunkeintel: Move batch decoder/disassembler from tools/...
2018-03-07 Jason Ekstrandanv: Implement vkCmdDispatchBase
2018-03-05 Jordan Justenintel: Split gen_device_info out into libintel_dev
2018-02-28 Tapani Pälliintel: add new common header gen_defines.h
2018-02-16 Anuj Phogatanv/icl: Build anv libs for gen11
2018-02-16 Anuj Phogatintel/isl/icl: Build and use gen11 surface state emit...
2018-02-16 Anuj Phogatintel/genxml/icl: Generate packing headers
2018-01-23 Jason Ekstrandanv/extensions: Generate a header file with extension...
2018-01-17 Bas Nieuwenhuizenvulkan: move anv VK_EXT_debug_report implementation...
2017-12-07 Francisco Jerezintel/fs: Implement GRF bank conflict mitigation pass.
2017-11-17 Matt Turneri965: Rename intel_asm_annotation -> brw_disasm_info
2017-10-18 Chad Versaceanv: Implement VK_ANDROID_native_buffer (v9)
2017-10-17 Chad Versaceintel: Add simple logging façade for Android (v2)
2017-10-13 Jason Ekstrandintel/compiler: Make brw_nir_lower_intrinsics compute...
2017-10-06 Lionel Landwerlinanv: add nir lowering pass for ycbcr textures
2017-09-19 Juan A. Suarez Romerointel: automake: add isl_genX_priv.h in the source...
2017-09-12 Tapani Pällianv: implementation of VK_EXT_debug_report extension
2017-08-21 Matt Turneri965: Extract functions dealing with register types...
2017-08-02 Tapani Pälliintel: move gen_decoder.* back to COMMON_FILES
2017-08-01 Jason Ekstrandanv: Autogenerate extension query and lookup
2017-07-24 Emil Velikovintel/blorp: ship blorp_genX_exec.h within the tarball
2017-07-14 Kenneth Graunkei965: Select ranges of UBO data to be uploaded as push...
2017-07-13 Jason Ekstrandintel/isl: Add basic modifier introspection
2017-07-12 Eric Anholtintel: Move the DRM uapi headers to a non-Intel location.
2017-07-10 Kenneth Graunkeintel: Move clflush helpers from anv to common/gen_clfl...
2017-06-27 Lionel Landwerlinanv/i965: drop libdrm_intel dependency completely
2017-06-22 Anuj Phogatintel: Enable vulkan build for gen10
2017-06-09 Anuj Phogati965/cnl: Wire up Mesa build files for gen10
2017-05-26 Jason Ekstrandi965: Move clip program compilation to the compiler
2017-05-26 Jason Ekstrandi965: Move SF compilation to the compiler
2017-05-03 Jason Ekstrandanv/pipeline: Add shader lowering for multiview
2017-04-28 Jason Ekstrandanv: Move queues, events, and semaphores to their own...
2017-04-14 Samuel Iglesias... i965/fs: rename lower_d2x to lower_conversions
2017-04-10 Jason Ekstrandintel/isl: Add support for emitting depth/stencil/hiz
2017-03-31 Lionel Landwerlinintel: genxml: compress all gen files into one
2017-03-28 Chad Versacegenxml: New generated header genX_bits.h (v6)
2017-03-24 Chad Versacegenxml: Define GENXML_XML_FILES in Makefile.sources
2017-03-23 Tapani Pälliintel: move gen_decoder.* to DECODER_FILES
2017-03-21 Kenneth Graunkeintel: Move tools/decoder.[ch] to common/gen_decoder...
2017-03-13 Jason Ekstrandanv: Use on-the-fly surface states for dynamic buffer...
2017-03-13 Jason Ekstrandintel/vulkan: Get rid of recursive make
2017-03-13 Jason Ekstrandi965: Move the back-end compiler to src/intel/compiler
2017-03-02 Jason Ekstrandi965: Move intel_debug.h to intel/common/gen_debug.h
2016-11-19 Kenneth Graunkeintel: Share URB configuration code between GL and...
2016-10-11 Mauro Rossiintel/genxml: fix building rules for aubinator required...
2016-10-08 Lionel Landwerlinintel: aubinator: generate a standalone binary
2016-10-06 Emil Velikovintel: automake: reference the correct header
2016-09-03 Jason Ekstrandintel: Pull the guts of gen7_l3_state.c into a shared...
2016-09-03 Jason Ekstrandintel: s/brw_device_info/gen_device_info/
2016-09-03 Jason Ekstrandintel: Add a new "common" library for more code sharing
2016-08-29 Jason Ekstrandi965: Move blorp into src/intel/blorp
2016-08-25 Jason Ekstrandintel: Flatten the makefile structure