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2021-03-17 Jacob Lifshaydetect duplicate comment fields master
2021-03-17 Jacob Lifshayadd function to generate table of instruction propertie...
2021-03-16 Jacob Lifshayadd code to iterate through list of svp64 instructions
2021-03-13 Jacob Lifshaygenerating setvl function works
2021-03-12 Jacob Lifshayadd RangesField that tracks ranges of bits for instruct...
2021-03-11 Jacob Lifshayworking on adding code to generate the c++ header from...
2021-01-27 Jacob Lifshayworking on code
2021-01-26 Jacob Lifshayupdate compile_flags.txt
2021-01-26 Jacob Lifshayadd setvl
2021-01-25 Jacob Lifshayinitial commit
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