2012-01-17 Alexander von... scons: Add Haiku build support
2012-01-17 Vadim Girlinr600g: rework IDIV/UDIV and implement MOD/UMOD (v2)
2012-01-17 Eric Anholtmesa: Enable silent automake rules when available.
2012-01-17 Eric Anholti965: Convert the build to using automake.
2012-01-17 Eric Anholtintel: Drop the version override code now that we don...
2012-01-17 Eric Anholtintel: Fix warnings of undefined ffs().
2012-01-17 Scott MoreauComplete ARGB8888 naming convention format renames...
2012-01-17 Chad Versacei965: Fix gen6,gen7 when used with a non-HiZ capable DDX
2012-01-17 Vinson Leesoftpipe: Silence unused variable warning on non-LLVM...
2012-01-16 Anuj Phogatintel: Fix segfault in glXSwapBuffers with no bound...
2012-01-16 Vinson Leellvmpipe: Remove unused variable 'packed' from lp_test_...
2012-01-16 Vinson Leeutil: Silence GCC unused-but-set-variable warning.
2012-01-16 José Fonsecavl: Make array initialization portable.
2012-01-16 Stéphane Marchesini915g: Fix the blending for the A8 destination buffer...
2012-01-15 Matt Turnerr200: remove left-over EGL_SOURCES variable
2012-01-15 Dave Airlier600g: fix mullo_uint trans slot only on r600/r700
2012-01-15 Vadim Girlinr600g: implement clip distances
2012-01-15 Vadim Girlinr600g: implement two-sided lighting (v3)
2012-01-15 Vadim Girlinr600g: add support for ISHR/USHR/SHL on r600-evergreen
2012-01-15 Vadim Girlinr600g: implement IDIV/UDIV on r600-evergreen
2012-01-15 Vadim Girlinr600g: implement ISSG on r600-evergreen
2012-01-15 Vadim Girlinr600g: implement IABS on r600-evergreen
2012-01-15 Vadim Girlinr600g: implement F2U on evergreen
2012-01-15 Vadim Girlinr600g: add FLT_TO_UINT opcode for evergreen
2012-01-15 Vadim Girlinr600g: fix F2I on evergreen
2012-01-15 Christian Königvl: fix YV12 handling
2012-01-15 Christian Königst/vdpau: recreate video buffer if decode doesn't like it
2012-01-15 Christian Königst/vdpau: recreate video buffer if format doesn't match
2012-01-15 Christian Königvl: reintroduce PIPE_VIDEO_CAP_PREFERED_FORMAT
2012-01-15 Christian Königvl: add h264 infrastructure
2012-01-15 Christian Königvl: move away from state like parameters
2012-01-15 Christian Königvl/video_buffer: add support for interlaced buffers
2012-01-15 Christian Königvl/video_buffer: improve constructor
2012-01-15 Christian Königvl/video_buffer: use template style create params
2012-01-15 Dave Airlier600g: vertex id support.
2012-01-15 Dave Airlier600g: make u2f trans only
2012-01-15 Lucas Stachnvfx: random cleanups of the state validation code
2012-01-15 Lucas Stachnvfx: drop render temporaries code
2012-01-15 Lucas Stachnvfx: rework state_fb code to get rid of render temps
2012-01-15 Lucas Stachnvfx: say no to stream output caps
2012-01-15 Marek Olšákmesa: update compute_version for GL3
2012-01-15 Marek Olšákgallium: improve the pipe_stream_output_info struct...
2012-01-14 Dave Airlier600g: add r600 version of UINT_TO_FLT conversion.
2012-01-14 Dave Airlier600g: fix r600 f2i to be trans only emitted.
2012-01-14 Dave Airlier600g: add missing case for uint->flt conversion.
2012-01-14 Dave Airlier600g: add missing r32 uint/sint fbo formats.
2012-01-13 Jerome Glisser600g: add support for virtual address space on cayman v11
2012-01-13 Roland Scheideggerscons: Fix build.
2012-01-13 Brian Pauldocs: add links to xf86-video-vmware wiki pages
2012-01-13 Chad Versacei965: Comment gen6_hiz_get_framebuffer_enum()
2012-01-13 Neil Robertsgen6_hiz: Don't bind GL_DRAW_FRAMEBUFFER on GLES
2012-01-13 Brian Pauldocs: new page describing how to build, install VMware...
2012-01-13 Brian Paulmesa: s/GLushort/GLubyte/ in pack_ubyte_AL44()
2012-01-13 Brian Paulosmesa: fix renderbuffer format selection
2012-01-13 Brian Pauldocs: freshen up the introduction page with Mesa 8...
2012-01-13 Tom Stellardgallivm: Allow target specific intrinsics in lp_declare...
2012-01-13 Rob Bradfordgbm: Add documentation for the public facing API
2012-01-13 Rob Bradforddoxygen: Add link to the gbm documentation to the header
2012-01-13 Rob Bradforddoxygen: Add doxygen file and build infrastructure...
2012-01-12 Vinson Leei965: Fix Coverity wrong sizeof argument defect.
2012-01-12 Paul Berryi965: Set pitch of pull constant buffers to 16.
2012-01-12 Paul Berryi965 gen4-6: Fix off-by-one errors brw_create_constant_...
2012-01-12 Christoph Bumillernv50/ir: make use of TGSI_INTERPOLATE_COLOR
2012-01-12 Christoph Bumillernvc0: fix submission of VertexID and EdgeFlag in push...
2012-01-12 Brian Paulosmesa: fix glReadPixels, etc
2012-01-12 Brian Paulintel: move declaration before code
2012-01-12 Brian Paulintel: fix mapping of malloc'd renderbuffers
2012-01-12 Eric Anholtmesa: Throw the required error for glCopyPixels from...
2012-01-12 Eric Anholtmesa: Throw the required error for glCopyTex{Sub,}Image...
2012-01-12 Eric Anholtmesa: Throw the required error for glReadPixels() from...
2012-01-12 Eric Anholtmesa: Avoid short-circuiting realloc of renderbuffers...
2012-01-12 Eric Anholtmeta: Add GL_RED/GL_RG support to meta CopyTexImage.
2012-01-12 Eric Anholti965/gen7: Fix depth buffer rendering to tile offsets.
2012-01-12 Brian Paulmesa: remove incorrect (float) cast in mipmap do_row()
2012-01-12 Brian Paulswrast: use BITFIELD64_BIT() macro to fix MSVC warnings
2012-01-12 Brian Paulmesa: fix ir_variable declaration
2012-01-12 Brian Paulmesa: fix incorrect float vs. int values in a few places
2012-01-12 Brian Paulmeta: fix incorrect argument order in setup_texture_coo...
2012-01-12 Brian Paulmesa: use _mesa_is_user_fbo() and _mesa_is_winsys_fbo...
2012-01-12 Brian Paulmesa: whitespace, 80-column wrapping in buffers.c
2012-01-12 Brian Paulmesa: remove obsolete comment on _mesa_dest_buffer_exists()
2012-01-12 Brian Paulst/mesa: whitespace fixes, 80-column wrapping
2012-01-12 Brian Paulmesa/gallium: add FFS_DEFINED to protect ffs() from...
2012-01-12 Brian Paulst/mesa: re-order #includes in st_manager.c
2012-01-12 Brian Paulsofpipe: remove extraneous semicolon
2012-01-12 Brian Paulst/mesa: fix struct vs. class compilation warning
2012-01-12 Dave Airlier600g: don't advertise integers yet on r600.
2012-01-12 Brian Paulconfigs: fix, simplify RADEON_LIBS, RADEON_CFLAGS
2012-01-12 Brian Paulmesa: remove _mesa_ffs(), implement ffs() for non-GNU...
2012-01-12 Thomas Hellstromconfigure: Add the svga gallium driver to the default...
2012-01-12 Thomas Hellstromst/xa: Bump version to 1.0.0 according to the README
2012-01-12 José Fonsecasvga: Fix user clip planes.
2012-01-12 Dave Airliesoftpipe: bump max texture array layers to 256.
2012-01-12 Thomas Hellstromgallium/svga: Pass the SVGA3D_SURFACE_HINT_RENDERTARGET...
2012-01-12 Brian Paulvbo: fix breakage from previous commit
2012-01-12 Brian Paulvbo: fix void * arithmetic compilation error on MSVC
2012-01-12 Marek Olšákdocs/GL3: consolidate FBO extensions into one ARB
2012-01-12 Marek Olšákdocs/GL3: document r300 extension support
2012-01-12 Marek Olšákdocs/GL3: document what's missing for GL3
2012-01-12 Yuanhan Liuvbo: introduce vbo_get_minmax_indices function