descriptionDevelopment environment setup scripts
ownergit repository hosting
last changeSat, 17 Sep 2022 15:48:05 +0000 (16:48 +0100)
2022-09-17 Luke Kenneth... add libgtest-dev to install-hdl-apt-reqs master
2022-08-15 Luke Kenneth... use specific version of alliance-check-toolkit
2022-08-15 Luke Kenneth... whoops add wget to coriolis-install
2022-08-15 Luke Kenneth... set buster-backports pin-priority to low so as to stop...
2022-08-15 Luke Kenneth... check if schroot and debootstrap installed already
2022-07-26 Andrey Miroshnikovtasyagle-install: workaround to reload .bashrc works...
2022-07-25 Andrey Miroshnikovtasyagle-install: Added check with .bashrc, commented...
2022-07-25 Andrey Miroshnikovtasyagle-install: Change file ownership to sudo_user
2022-07-25 Andrey Miroshnikovtasyagle-install: Add jdk package, make docs
2022-07-22 Jacob Lifshayupdate to released version of cvc5 that includes powerp...
2022-07-21 Andrey Miroshnikovtasyagle-install: was overwriting .bashrc...
2022-07-21 Andrey Miroshnikovtasyagle-install: Added login source for
2022-07-18 Andrey Miroshnikovtasyagle-install: Install to /usr/local
2022-07-17 Luke Kenneth... meson dependency moved to linstaoo-mesa-deps
2022-07-17 Luke Kenneth... installing mesa deps needs meson drm mesa first
2022-07-17 Luke Kenneth... cannot install sysvinit-core
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