descriptionDevelopment environment setup scripts
ownergit repository hosting
last changeThu, 4 Apr 2024 10:18:16 +0000 (07:18 -0300)
2024-04-04 Cesar StraussFix correct commit hash for release 0.7.0 of openXC7 master
2024-04-03 Cesar StraussSwitch nextpnr-xilinx to the openXC7 fork
2024-03-23 Cesar Straussfix typo
2024-03-23 Cesar StraussInstall powerpc gcc without a trailing "8"
2023-10-29 Luke Kenneth... add texlive-xetex package, needed for supporting "pi...
2023-10-29 Luke Kenneth... Revert "use https to clone"
2023-10-25 Jacob Lifshayuse https to clone
2023-10-25 Jacob Lifshayadd pytest-subtests==0.11.0
2023-10-24 Dmitry Selyutinhdl-dev-repos: pin Linux kernel tag
2023-10-02 Luke Kenneth... add ssh and rsync to install-hdl-reqs
2023-09-21 Dmitry Selyutinhdl-dev-repos: specify syscalls generation mode
2023-09-18 Dmitry Selyutinhdl-dev-repos: build syscalls table
2023-09-02 Cesar StraussFix python-utils version
2023-09-02 Cesar Strausssymbiflow-arch-defs needs newer cmake
2023-08-22 Cesar StraussAllow choosing an alternate Debian mirror for the chroot
2023-07-10 Cesar Straussnextpnr-xilinx-install: generate database for XC7A200T
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7 months ago bug999
7 months ago powerhost