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2 days ago Jacob Lifshayswitch to using nmutil's FHDLTestCase master
2021-11-08 Luke Kenneth... allow alias SimdSignal<-PartitionedSignal to allow...
2021-10-30 Luke Kenneth... comments
2021-10-30 Luke Kenneth... allow scope to be None in SimdShape, it becomes an...
2021-10-30 Luke Kenneth... add SimdScope.__call__ function needed to copy and...
2021-10-30 Luke Kenneth... add setmodule function to SimdScope
2021-10-28 Luke Kenneth... put in (unused) code for SimdShape.__mul__ when both...
2021-10-28 Luke Kenneth... start filling in integer SimdShape.__mul__ case with...
2021-10-28 Luke Kenneth... add SimdShape "priority" mode flag
2021-10-28 Jacob Lifshayadd initial SimdShape.__add__
2021-10-28 Jacob Lifshayadd initial SimdShape.__mul__
2021-10-28 Jacob Lifshayformat code
2021-10-28 Jacob Lifshayremove SimdScope.get() and friends
2021-10-28 Jacob Lifshayformat code
2021-10-27 Jacob Lifshayadd tests for SimdMap and friends
2021-10-27 Jacob Lifshayadd SimdWHintMap to support tracking width_hint for...
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