2021-10-19 Jean-Paul ChaputAdjust katana settings for LS180/TSMC after Coriolis... master
2021-10-06 Jean-Paul ChaputMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2021-10-06 Jean-Paul ChaputMore accurate abstract models for SRAM & PLL.
2021-09-19 Luke Kenneth... use main soclayout and symlink in experiments9
2021-09-19 Luke Kenneth... add $USER to
2021-07-01 Jean-Paul ChaputEnable the heavy leaf load on the main clock. LS180_RC7_FINAL
2021-06-29 Jean-Paul ChaputAdd the filler setting in LS180_RC6
2021-06-26 Jean-Paul ChaputReadjust the position of the SRAM after their blockage...
2021-06-18 Jean-Paul ChaputKeep track of the latest debugged nets (antenna & DRC). LS180_RC3
2021-06-18 Jean-Paul ChaputAdd logos in the bottom left corner and supress iovss...
2021-06-15 Jean-Paul ChaputMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2021-06-15 Luke Kenneth... add wget of libresoc gds logo
2021-06-15 Jean-Paul ChaputMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2021-06-15 Jean-Paul ChaputAdjust router track reservations for convergence.
2021-06-14 Luke Kenneth... add sorbonne logo to wget
2021-06-14 Luke Kenneth... hmm set spacemargin back to 0.05
2021-06-13 Luke Kenneth... experiment with same settings as benchs/6502
2021-06-12 Luke Kenneth... attempt to put together a GDSII loader file. errr...
2021-06-12 Luke Kenneth... add fetch of GDS-II files
2021-06-12 Luke Kenneth... add fetch of GDS-II files
2021-06-10 Luke Kenneth... reverse pingroup SDRAM address to get it closer to...
2021-06-10 Luke Kenneth... redo pinmux, mirror image some pins
2021-06-10 Luke Kenneth... submodule update
2021-06-10 Luke Kenneth... add spimaster to peripheral system, all names changed...
2021-06-10 Luke Kenneth... updated non_generated pinmap json file
2021-06-10 Luke Kenneth... updated non_generated pinmap json file
2021-06-10 Luke Kenneth... update submodule
2021-06-10 Luke Kenneth... argh, nsxlib does not have analog. have to cheat
2021-06-10 Luke Kenneth... submodule update
2021-06-10 Jean-Paul ChaputRebame root clock signal from "core.por_clk" into ...
2021-06-09 Luke Kenneth... sys_clk renamed to sys_pllclk, iopads load from copy...
2021-06-09 Luke Kenneth... add litex pinpads JSON file to nongenerated
2021-06-09 Luke Kenneth... doh, should have reduced NC by 16
2021-06-09 Luke Kenneth... pll24_i renamed to clk_24_i
2021-06-09 Luke Kenneth... pllclk_o is renamed to pllclk_clk
2021-06-09 Luke Kenneth... use sys_pllclk_from_pad not sys_clk_from_pad
2021-06-09 Luke Kenneth... sys_clk renamed to sys_pllclk
2021-06-09 Luke Kenneth... reorg of PLL, routed out into peripheral interconnect
2021-06-09 Jean-Paul ChaputI/O pads reorganisation, 32 per side (except for NORTH).
2021-06-09 Jean-Paul ChaputP&R tweaks for routing convergence.
2021-06-09 Jean-Paul ChaputAdd a case in the build script to fit my environment...
2021-06-09 Jean-Paul ChaputRemove files that are now copied from other locations.
2021-06-08 Jean-Paul ChaputMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2021-06-08 Jean-Paul ChaputAdpapt e9/TSMC doDesign to the new size of the SRAMs...
2021-06-06 Luke Kenneth... argh, nsxlib cannot cope with 3 clocks!
2021-06-05 Luke Kenneth... add vss/vdd as pins, gets the net into the VST
2021-06-05 Luke Kenneth... set power type in fake pll vdd/vss
2021-06-05 Luke Kenneth... whoops, fake pll/mem need vss/vdd
2021-06-05 Luke Kenneth... whoops naming pads different from nets is important
2021-06-05 Luke Kenneth... sigh trying to find the right clock line
2021-06-05 Luke Kenneth... more comments
2021-06-05 Luke Kenneth... comment about por_clk
2021-06-05 Luke Kenneth... correct clock name for H-Tree in ls180
2021-06-05 Luke Kenneth... sort out clock names in experiments10_verilog
2021-06-05 Luke Kenneth... add coresync_clk to list of HTree
2021-06-05 Luke Kenneth... add dummy pll to experiments10_verilog
2021-06-05 Luke Kenneth... set various clocks to use H-Tree
2021-06-05 Luke Kenneth... add dummy (fake) PLL to experiments10_verilog for testing
2021-06-04 Jean-Paul ChaputUpdated experiments12 for the latest Coriolis.
2021-06-04 Jean-Paul ChaputMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2021-06-04 Jean-Paul ChaputUpdated configuration suited for experiment9/tsmc_c018.
2021-06-03 Luke Kenneth... add 4ksram recon script in tsmc_c018 as well
2021-06-03 Luke Kenneth... add to copy over Staf re...
2021-06-03 Luke Kenneth... rename sys_clk to sys_clk_0 and rename ref_clk to sys_clk
2021-06-03 Staf VerhaegenReroute clk so PLL output clock is used as sys_clk.
2021-06-03 Staf VerhaegenDuplicate file before patching for clock rerouting.
2021-06-03 Luke Kenneth... rename ref in fake-pll to ref_v
2021-06-03 Luke Kenneth... update libresoc.v to use sys_clk for main core
2021-06-03 Luke Kenneth... change ref to ref_v in PLL (keyword)
2021-05-27 Luke Kenneth... set other nets to input in fake 4k SRAM cell
2021-05-27 Luke Kenneth... add TODO into tsmc_c018 coriolis2
2021-05-27 Luke Kenneth... update libresoc.v
2021-05-27 Luke Kenneth... set fake-mem LibreSOCMem output q as a Net Output
2021-05-27 Luke Kenneth... set fake PLL Master Cell directions explicitly
2021-05-26 Luke Kenneth... clk_sel_i in TestIssuer was one bit not 2
2021-05-26 Luke Kenneth... remove sram4k wb err (unused anyway)
2021-05-26 Luke Kenneth... appears to be missing libresoc from NETLISTS in Makefile
2021-05-25 Luke Kenneth... attempt better grid alignment for fake cells
2021-05-25 Luke Kenneth... change cell sizes to grid layout (?)
2021-05-25 Luke Kenneth... increase not-connected pads by one
2021-05-25 Luke Kenneth... add fake pll symlink
2021-05-25 Luke Kenneth... rename pll out signal to out_v in "fake" pll cell
2021-05-25 Luke Kenneth... rename PLL out to out_v in test_issuer
2021-05-25 Luke Kenneth... rename pll blackbox out to out_v
2021-05-24 Luke Kenneth... disappearing signal from pll, attempt to get it back
2021-05-24 Luke Kenneth... remove "*" net from fake-pll cell, it ends up in the...
2021-05-24 Luke Kenneth... round to 0.135 cell grid?
2021-05-24 Luke Kenneth... rename cell to "real_pll" to avoid conflict with cell...
2021-05-24 Luke Kenneth... add dummy/fake/ghost PLL blackbox cell
2021-05-22 Luke Kenneth... rename PLL pad names
2021-05-22 Luke Kenneth... correct PLL names
2021-05-22 Luke Kenneth... re-add 4k sram
2021-05-22 Luke Kenneth... annoying rename of pll analog pin
2021-05-22 Luke Kenneth... manually rename ls180sram4k module to ls180
2021-05-22 Luke Kenneth... submodule update
2021-05-22 Luke Kenneth... update PLL to use submodule Instance
2021-04-30 Luke Kenneth... do an SRAM search by looking for matching along the...
2021-04-30 Luke Kenneth... 4k sram build
2021-04-30 Luke Kenneth... use "make view" not "make vst"
2021-04-30 Luke Kenneth... add fake LibreSOCMem library to freepdk_c4m45